How do you remove red-eye in Lightroom?

Answered by Michael Wilson

To remove red-eye in Lightroom, follow these steps:

1. Open Lightroom Classic and select the photo you want to work on.

2. In the Develop module, locate the Red Eye Correction tool in the toolbar on the right-hand side. It looks like an eye icon with a diagonal line through it.

3. Click on the Red Eye Correction tool to activate it.

4. Position your cursor over the eye that has red-eye and click and drag a rectangle around the affected area. Make sure the rectangle encompasses the entire red-eye area, but avoid including any other parts of the eye or surrounding areas.

5. Once you’ve selected the area, Lightroom will automatically attempt to correct the red-eye. However, it might not always be accurate, so additional adjustments may be necessary.

6. To adjust the correction area, go to the Red Eye Correction panel on the right-hand side. Here, you’ll find options to refine the correction, such as adjusting the pupil size, darken or lighten the correction, and adjust the catchlight intensity.

7. Experiment with these settings until you achieve the desired result. You can make multiple adjustments to fine-tune the correction.

8. After you’re satisfied with the correction of one eye, repeat the process for the other eye.

9. Review the red-eye correction by zooming in on the eyes to check for any remaining redness or artifacts. If needed, go back and make further adjustments.

10. Once you’re happy with the red-eye correction, you can continue editing the photo or export it in your preferred format.

In my personal experience, Lightroom’s red-eye correction tool is quite effective in removing red-eye from photos. However, it’s essential to double-check the correction and make any necessary adjustments to ensure the eyes look natural and free from any remnants of redness. It’s always a good idea to zoom in and carefully review the changes before finalizing the correction.