How do you remember greater than less than?

Answered by Michael Wilson

When it comes to remembering greater than and less than signs, I have found a visual approach to be very helpful. One method that has worked for me is to imagine these signs as little alligators or crocodiles.

Picture this: you have two numbers on either side of the alligator’s mouth, just like two fish. The alligator always wants to eat the larger number, so whichever way its mouth is open, that side represents the larger number.

For example, if the alligator’s mouth is open towards the number 8 and the number 4 is on the other side, it means that 8 is greater than 4. The alligator is happy because it gets to eat the larger number of fish.

This visual representation can be quite effective in helping to remember the relationship between the numbers. It adds a fun and memorable element to the learning process, which can make it easier to recall when needed.

In addition to this visual technique, there are a few other strategies that can aid in memorizing greater than and less than. One approach is to practice with real-life examples or scenarios. For instance, if you have two piles of objects, you can compare their sizes and use the greater than or less than sign to represent the relationship between them.

Another helpful tip is to create flashcards or write out the signs and their meanings on a piece of paper. By repeating and reviewing these signs regularly, you reinforce your understanding and make it more likely to stick in your memory.

Furthermore, incorporating these signs into everyday activities can also be beneficial. For instance, when you encounter numbers in your daily life, such as prices at the grocery store or scores in a game, try mentally applying the greater than or less than signs to compare them.

Personal experiences can also play a role in solidifying your understanding. Reflect on situations where you have encountered comparisons in your life. Perhaps you had to choose between two options or make a decision based on different factors. By connecting the concept of greater than and less than to real-life situations, you can enhance your comprehension and retention of the signs.

Remembering greater than and less than can be facilitated by visualizing the signs as alligators or crocodiles, with the open mouth indicating the larger number. This technique, combined with practice, real-life examples, flashcards, and personal experiences, can greatly aid in memorization. By incorporating these strategies into your learning process, you will be able to recall and apply the greater than and less than signs with ease.