How do you put exhibition in a sentence?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

Exhibition can be used in a sentence to refer to a variety of contexts. For example:

1. The new exhibition in London presents a vivid picture of war, showcasing the realities and consequences of conflict.
2. This summer, there are several new exhibitions opening that are definitely worth a visit, offering a diverse range of artistic experiences.
3. If you’re looking for the top tours, museums, and exhibitions to see around the world, this app provides a comprehensive log of all the must-visit destinations.
4. The old barn on the outskirts of town has been transformed into a unique exhibition space, providing a rustic and charming backdrop for displaying artwork and installations.
5. The local museum is hosting a special exhibition on ancient civilizations, featuring artifacts and interactive displays that bring history to life.
6. The artist’s latest exhibition is a thought-provoking exploration of identity and self-expression, using a variety of mediums to convey powerful messages.
7. The science exhibition at the fair showcased innovative inventions and experiments, inspiring visitors to learn more about the wonders of the world.
8. The photography exhibition captured the beauty of nature in breathtaking images, showcasing the talent and creativity of the artists.
9. The fashion exhibition displayed a collection of stunning garments and accessories, highlighting the evolution of style through the ages.
10. The art gallery’s exhibition on contemporary sculpture challenged traditional notions of form and material, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.
11. The traveling exhibition on endangered species aimed to raise awareness about the importance of conservation, inspiring visitors to take action to protect our planet’s biodiversity.

These sentences demonstrate the versatility of the word “exhibition” and how it can be used in different contexts, from art and culture to science and education.