How do you play with friends on Nintendo Switch?

Answered by John Hunt

Playing with friends on the Nintendo Switch is a great way to enjoy multiplayer gaming experiences. Fortunately, the process of playing with friends on the Switch is relatively simple and straightforward. Here’s a detailed guide on how to play with friends on the Nintendo Switch.

1. Add Friends:
Before you can play with your friends on the Switch, you need to add them to your Friend List. To do this, select your User profile in the top-left of the Nintendo Switch HOME Menu. Scroll down to the “Add Friend” option and choose how you want to add them – either by searching for their Friend Code or by searching for their Nintendo Account.

2. Accept Friend Requests:
Once you’ve sent a friend request or received one from your friends, you’ll need to accept it to become friends. To do this, go to your User profile, scroll down to “Friend List,” and select “Received Friend Requests.” From there, you can choose to accept or decline the requests.

3. Join Your Friend’s Game:
After becoming friends with someone on the Switch, they can invite you to join their game. To view and accept their invite, go to your User profile and scroll down to “Online Play Invites.” Here, you’ll find any game invites from your friends. Select the invite, and if the game is already installed on your Switch, you’ll be able to join their game session.

4. Create a Room:
If you want to host a game session and invite your friends to join, you can create a room. Some games have built-in room creation features, while others allow you to create a room through the Nintendo Switch Online app. Once the room is created, you can invite your friends to join by sending them an invitation through the app or in-game.

5. Communication Options:
To enhance your multiplayer experience, the Nintendo Switch offers various communication options. You can use the built-in voice chat feature on select games by connecting a compatible headset to the Switch. Alternatively, you can use the Nintendo Switch Online app on your smartphone to chat with friends while playing.

6. Multiplayer Modes:
Different games offer different multiplayer modes, such as local multiplayer, online multiplayer, or a combination of both. Local multiplayer allows you to play with friends who are physically nearby by connecting multiple Switch consoles. Online multiplayer enables you to play with friends remotely, regardless of distance, as long as you both have an internet connection.

7. Online Subscription:
To play online multiplayer games on the Nintendo Switch, you’ll need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. This subscription service provides access to online multiplayer, free NES and Super NES games, cloud saves, and other exclusive benefits. You can choose between individual or family plans, depending on your needs.

Playing with friends on the Nintendo Switch is a fantastic way to enjoy gaming together, whether you’re playing cooperatively or competing against each other. The process of playing with friends is made convenient through features like the Friend List, game invites, and communication options. With a wide range of multiplayer games available, you and your friends can have endless fun and memorable gaming experiences on the Nintendo Switch.