How do you make glow powder in Minecraft?

Answered by Randy McIntyre

To make glow powder in Minecraft, you will need to obtain glowstone dust. Glowstone dust is a valuable resource that can be used for various crafting recipes and is commonly found in the Nether dimension. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to obtain glowstone dust in survival mode:

1. Find a Nether fortress: To access the Nether, you’ll need to build a Nether portal using obsidian blocks. Once you enter the Nether, explore the dimension until you come across a Nether fortress. Nether fortresses are large structures made of Nether bricks and are usually found in the lower levels of the Nether.

2. Locate glowstone: Within Nether fortresses, you can find glowstone blocks scattered throughout. Glowstone appears as bright yellow blocks and emits a soft glow. It can be found both on the walls and ceiling of the fortress. Make sure to bring a pickaxe with you, as it will make the mining process quicker.

3. Mine the glowstone: Approach a glowstone block and use your pickaxe to mine it. You can mine glowstone with any tool or even your hand, but using a pickaxe is recommended as it will break the block faster. Simply left-click on the block until it breaks and drops glowstone dust.

4. Collect the glowstone dust: Once the glowstone block is destroyed, glowstone dust will drop as an item. Simply walk over the dropped items to collect them. Glowstone blocks typically drop 2-4 pieces of glowstone dust when mined.

5. Optional: Enchant your pickaxe with Silk Touch: If you want to collect the glowstone block intact instead of breaking it down into dust, you can enchant your pickaxe with the Silk Touch enchantment. This will allow you to mine the glowstone block and obtain it as a whole, without converting it into dust.

6. Use the glowstone dust: Now that you have glowstone dust, you can use it for various crafting recipes. For example, you can use it to create glowstone blocks, which emit light and can be useful for lighting up dark areas. Additionally, glowstone dust is an essential ingredient in brewing certain potions, such as potions of strength and potions of regeneration.

Remember, the Nether can be a challenging and dangerous dimension, so be prepared before venturing into it. Make sure to bring adequate supplies, such as food, armor, weapons, and tools, to ensure your safety.