How do you make a trapped chest key in Minecraft?

Answered by Robert Dupre

To make a trapped chest key in Minecraft, you can utilize the Lock tag of a trapped chest. This allows you to set a specific item as the key required to open the chest. Let’s go through the steps to create a trapped chest key:

Step 1: Obtaining a Trapped Chest
The first step is to acquire a trapped chest. Trapped chests can be crafted using a regular chest and a tripwire hook. To craft a trapped chest, place a chest in the center of the crafting table and a tripwire hook below it. This will create a trapped chest that can be used to store items.

Step 2: Locating the Trapped Chest
Next, you need to find the trapped chest that you want to set a key for. In Minecraft, you can navigate to the desired location and identify the coordinates of the trapped chest. This information is essential for using the data command to modify the chest’s Lock tag.

Step 3: Using the Data Command
Once you have the coordinates of the trapped chest, you can use the data command to modify its Lock tag. Open the chat window and type the following command:

/data merge block x y z {Lock:”Key”}

Replace “x,” “y,” and “z” with the coordinates of the trapped chest. The “Key” should be replaced with the name of the item you want to use as the key. For example, if you want to use a diamond as the key, you would enter:

/data merge block x y z {Lock:”minecraft:diamond”}

Step 4: Testing the Trapped Chest Key
After running the command, the trapped chest will be locked with the specified key. To test it, try opening the chest without holding the designated key item. You should find that the chest remains locked and cannot be accessed.

To unlock the trapped chest, you must hold the item specified as the key, in this case, a diamond. When you hold the diamond and right-click on the trapped chest, it should open, allowing you to access its contents.

It’s worth noting that the key item must have the exact same name and item ID as specified in the data command. Make sure to use the correct item name or item ID when setting the Lock tag.

Creating a trapped chest key in Minecraft involves obtaining a trapped chest, locating the chest’s coordinates, using the data command to set the Lock tag with the desired key item, and then testing the key by attempting to open the chest without it.