How do you make a Scorpio crave you?

Answered by Michael Wilson

Making a Scorpio man crave you can be a thrilling and exciting experience. Scorpios are known for their intense and passionate nature, and if you want to capture their attention and keep them hooked, there are a few strategies you can employ.

1. Make him chase you a little: Scorpios love a good challenge and enjoy pursuing what they desire. Don’t make it too easy for him. Play a little hard to get and let him work to win you over. This will make him appreciate you more and keep him interested.

2. Have deep talks about interesting subjects: Scorpios are drawn to intellectual stimulation. Engage him in conversations about thought-provoking topics, such as philosophy, psychology, or spirituality. This will captivate his mind and keep him coming back for more.

3. Give him compliments: Scorpios have a strong desire to be praised and acknowledged. Compliment his intelligence, ambition, or any other qualities that you genuinely admire. This will boost his ego and make him feel special, leading him to crave your presence.

4. Let him contact you first: Scorpios like to be in control, and they appreciate being the one to initiate contact. Give him space and let him reach out to you. This will make him feel like he’s in charge and create a sense of anticipation for your interactions.

5. Be honest to build his trust: Scorpios value honesty and loyalty above all else. Be transparent and authentic in your interactions with him. Avoid playing mind games or being deceitful, as this will only push him away. Building trust is crucial for making him crave your companionship.

6. Accept him without judgment: Scorpios have a complex and intense nature, and they need a partner who can accept them as they are. Avoid criticizing or judging him for his quirks or deep emotions. Show understanding and empathy, and he will be drawn to your acceptance.

7. Try not to focus on your appearance too much: While physical attraction is important to Scorpios, they also value a deeper connection. Instead of solely focusing on your looks, showcase your intelligence, wit, and personality. This will make him crave your company beyond just physical attraction.

8. Live your own life: Scorpios are independent and admire partners who have their own passions and interests. Show him that you have a fulfilling life outside of your relationship. Pursue your own goals and dreams, and he will be intrigued by your ambition and independence.

Making a Scorpio man crave you involves a combination of mystery, intellect, honesty, and acceptance. By implementing these strategies, you can capture his attention and keep him hooked on you. Remember to be genuine and true to yourself throughout the process, as authenticity is essential in building a strong connection with a Scorpio.