How do you make a charcuterie Christmas House?

Answered by Antonio Sutton

To make a charcuterie Christmas house, you will need a variety of delicious and festive ingredients. Here is a detailed guide on how to create this delightful holiday centerpiece:

1. Base: Start by selecting a sturdy base for your charcuterie house. You can use a large wooden board, a serving platter, or even a cutting board. Make sure it is large enough to accommodate all the ingredients.

2. Pretzel Rods or Breadsticks: These will serve as the walls and roof of your charcuterie house. Arrange them vertically to create the walls and horizontally to form the roof. You can also use pretzel squares for additional variety and texture.

3. Cream Cheese: Use cream cheese as the “glue” to hold the pretzel rods together. Spread a thin layer of cream cheese on the bottom of each pretzel rod before attaching it to the base or other pretzel rods.

4. Matzoh: Cut matzoh into small squares and use them to create windows and doors for your charcuterie house. Attach them to the pretzel walls using cream cheese.

5. Almonds: Almonds can be used as decorative elements for your charcuterie house. Place them on the roof to resemble shingles or use them as accents on the walls. You can also toast the almonds for added flavor and crunch.

6. Salumi: Select a variety of salumi, such as Prosciutto, Bresaola, Capocollo, Mortadella, Soppressata, or any other cured meats you enjoy. Roll them up or fold them into decorative shapes and arrange them around the base of the house.

7. Mozzarella Balls: Add some festive charm by incorporating mozzarella balls into your charcuterie house. These can represent snowballs or ornaments. Scatter them around the base or use toothpicks to attach them to the pretzel walls.

8. Grated Parmesan Cheese: Sprinkle grated Parmesan cheese over the roof and walls to create a snowy effect. This will add a savory touch to your charcuterie house, complementing the other flavors.

9. Small and Big Crackers: Place an assortment of small and big crackers around the base of the house. These can be enjoyed as additional dippers or used as decorative elements to enhance the overall presentation.

10. Additional Ingredients: Feel free to get creative and add other ingredients like olives, grapes, cherry tomatoes, pickles, or any other items you enjoy. These can be placed strategically around the charcuterie house to add pops of color and flavor.

Remember to personalize your charcuterie Christmas house according to your taste preferences and dietary restrictions. Get creative with your decorations, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different ingredients and arrangements. This festive centerpiece will surely impress your guests and make for a memorable holiday treat. Enjoy!