How do you know if you’re Mars dominant?

Answered by Michael Wilson

To determine if you are Mars dominant in your birth chart, you need to identify any overlapping or touching planets. Mars is associated with energy, passion, action, and assertiveness. So if Mars overlaps or touches any planet in your birth chart, it is likely to be a dominant planet for you.

To begin, you will need to have your birth chart calculated, which can be done online or with the help of an astrologer. Once you have your birth chart, you can look for any conjunctions, squares, oppositions, or trines involving Mars and other planets.

A conjunction occurs when two planets are in close proximity to each other, usually within a few degrees. If Mars is conjunct (overlapping) another planet, it suggests that the qualities of Mars strongly influence that particular planet and the areas of life it represents. For example, if Mars is conjunct your Sun, it indicates a strong drive, ambition, and assertiveness in your core identity and ego expression.

A square occurs when two planets are about 90 degrees apart. If Mars forms a square aspect with another planet, it signifies a dynamic tension and potential conflict between the energies represented by those planets. This can indicate a need for action, assertiveness, and overcoming obstacles in the areas of life represented by the planets involved.

An opposition occurs when two planets are directly opposite each other, about 180 degrees apart. If Mars is in opposition to another planet, it suggests a balance between the energies of both planets is necessary. This can indicate a need to find harmony between assertiveness and cooperation in the areas of life represented by these planets.

A trine occurs when two planets are approximately 120 degrees apart. If Mars forms a trine aspect with another planet, it indicates a harmonious flow of energy between the qualities represented by those planets. This suggests that the assertiveness, action, and passion of Mars work well with the areas of life represented by the other planet.

It’s important to note that the strength and influence of a dominant planet can vary depending on its placement, aspects, and the overall configuration of your birth chart. Additionally, other factors such as the sign and house placement of Mars can also affect its dominance in your chart.

Understanding how a dominant Mars manifests in your life requires a deeper analysis of your birth chart and the specific aspects and placements involved. It’s always recommended to consult with a professional astrologer who can provide a more personalized and accurate interpretation based on your unique birth chart.

In my own experience, I have Mars in a conjunction with my Moon in my birth chart. This has made me naturally assertive, passionate, and emotionally-driven. I have a strong desire to take action and assert myself in emotional matters, and I tend to be quite passionate about my feelings. However, I have also learned that balance and self-awareness are essential in effectively channeling this energy without becoming overly reactive or aggressive.