How do you get Xandra in gw1?

Answered by Jason Smith

Getting Xandra in Guild Wars 1 can be a bit challenging, but I’ll share my personal experience and provide a detailed explanation to help you unlock her as a hero.

To begin, Xandra is one of the heroes that can be unlocked by defeating her in the second round of The Norn Fighting Tournament. However, it’s important to note that she is just one of seven possible opponents in this round, so you might have to repeat the tournament multiple times before you encounter her.

The Norn Fighting Tournament is an event that takes place in Gunnar’s Hold, a town located in the Far Shiverpeaks. To participate, you need to travel to Gunnar’s Hold and speak with the tournament facilitator. He will provide you with the necessary information and explain the rules of the tournament.

Once you’ve entered the tournament, you’ll face various opponents in different rounds. The first round is relatively easy, serving as a warm-up for the subsequent rounds. It’s in the second round that you have a chance to encounter Xandra.

During the second round, you’ll face a randomly selected opponent from the pool of seven possible opponents, which includes Xandra. If you don’t encounter her in your first attempt, you’ll need to repeat the tournament until she appears as your opponent.

Defeating Xandra can be quite challenging, as she is a formidable opponent. She is a Mesmer profession, known for her manipulation and control skills. Xandra is accompanied by two additional NPC allies, making the fight even more challenging.

To increase your chances of defeating Xandra, it’s crucial to have a well-balanced and strategically chosen team. It’s advisable to have heroes or henchmen with strong damage-dealing abilities, as well as those who can provide support and healing.

Having a diverse skill set among your team members is also essential. Make sure to bring skills that can counter Xandra’s mesmer abilities, such as skills that remove enchantments or skills that disrupt enemy spellcasting.

Additionally, understanding Xandra’s skill set and tactics can be advantageous. She is known to use skills that interrupt casting, cause hexes, and manipulate conditions. Being prepared for these tactics can give you an edge in the battle.

Once you’ve successfully defeated Xandra and her allies, you will unlock her as a hero. This means you can now add her to your party and utilize her mesmer skills and abilities in your future adventures.

Unlocking Xandra as a hero in Guild Wars 1 requires participating in The Norn Fighting Tournament and defeating her during the second round. It may take several attempts before she appears as your opponent, so perseverance is key. Prepare a well-balanced team, understand her tactics, and strategize your skills to increase your chances of victory. Good luck on your journey to unlock Xandra!