How do you get the Chasmosaurus?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

To obtain the Chasmosaurus in Jurassic World Evolution, you will need to follow a specific set of steps. First and foremost, you must have an expedition center and a fossil center built on Isla Pena. These two facilities are essential for collecting and extracting fossils, which ultimately leads to unlocking the Chasmosaurus.

Once you have both the expedition center and fossil center in place, you can begin sending out fossil expeditions to search for Chasmosaurus fossils. To do this, open the expedition center and select the “Launch Expedition” option. From there, you will be presented with a variety of dig sites to choose from. Look for dig sites that have the potential to contain Chasmosaurus fossils, such as the Dinosaur Park Formation or the Hell Creek Formation.

After selecting a suitable dig site, you can assign a dig team to embark on the expedition. It’s important to note that the success of the expedition depends on the skill level of your dig team, so make sure to train and upgrade them whenever possible. A skilled dig team will have a higher chance of finding rare and valuable fossils, including those of the Chasmosaurus.

Once the expedition team returns with the Chasmosaurus fossils, you will need to take them to the fossil center for extraction. Open the fossil center and select the “Extraction” option. Here, you can choose the Chasmosaurus fossils that have been brought back and begin the extraction process. Extraction can take some time, so be patient and monitor the progress.

Once the extraction is complete, you will have successfully obtained the Chasmosaurus fossils. These fossils can then be used to create and incubate Chasmosaurus dinosaurs in your park. To do this, head to the creation lab and select the Chasmosaurus from the available options.

Keep in mind that the Chasmosaurus may have specific requirements and needs in terms of habitat, socialization, and comfort. It is crucial to provide a suitable environment for the Chasmosaurus, considering factors such as enclosure size, vegetation, and the presence of compatible dinosaur species.

Unlocking the Chasmosaurus in Jurassic World Evolution requires the construction of an expedition center and fossil center on Isla Pena. Once these facilities are in place, you can send out fossil expeditions to search for Chasmosaurus fossils. Extract the fossils at the fossil center and use them to create and incubate Chasmosaurus dinosaurs in your park. Remember to meet the specific requirements of the Chasmosaurus to ensure its well-being and happiness in your park.