How do you get rid of Egyptian geese?

Answered by Cody Janus

To effectively get rid of Egyptian geese from your yard, you can use a method that involves creating a negative association with a specific object. By following these steps, you can deter the geese from frequenting your property.

1. Gather the necessary materials: Start by finding an empty laundry detergent bottle. Make sure it is clean and free of any residue. You will also need some rocks or pebbles to fill the bottle and give it weight. get a long rope or string that you can tie securely around the bottle.

2. Preparation: Fill the empty detergent bottle with rocks or pebbles. This will make it heavier and produce a loud noise when shaken. The noise is what will startle and scare away the geese. Ensure that the bottle is securely closed to prevent the rocks from falling out.

3. Approach the geese: Walk slowly towards the geese, making sure to keep a safe distance. The goal is not to harm the geese but to create a deterrent. Shake the bottle vigorously as you approach, creating a loud noise that will startle the geese. This should make them associate fear with the sound of the laundry bottle.

4. Repeat the process: Every time you spot the geese in your yard, grab the laundry bottle and throw it in their direction. This action reinforces the negative association they have with the noise and the bottle. The idea is to make them feel uncomfortable and discouraged from returning to your property.

5. Consistency is key: It is important to be consistent with this method. Whenever you see the geese, take action and use the laundry bottle to scare them away. Over time, the geese will begin to associate your yard with fear and discomfort, leading them to seek alternative locations.

Remember, this method aims to deter the geese rather than harm them. It is crucial to prioritize the safety and well-being of both yourself and the geese. Additionally, be mindful of any local regulations or restrictions regarding the treatment or removal of geese.

By using a laundry detergent bottle filled with rocks and shaking it to create a loud noise, you can scare Egyptian geese away from your yard. Consistently repeating this method whenever you spot the geese will help reinforce the negative association, encouraging them to find a different location.