How do you get elements on Ark Island?

Answered by Douglas Hiatt

To get Elements on Ark Island, the most reliable and straightforward method is to defeat the Dinopithecus King, a formidable boss creature that can be found in the game. This massive Dinopithecus is easily recognizable by its imposing size and distinctive skull helmet.

To engage in battle with the Dinopithecus King, you’ll need to be well-prepared and equipped with powerful weapons and armor. It’s a challenging fight, so make sure to bring along a group of skilled teammates or tamed creatures to assist you.

Once you’ve successfully defeated the Dinopithecus King, you’ll be rewarded with a significant amount of Element. The exact quantity of Element dropped will depend on the difficulty level of the boss fight. In the Gamma difficulty setting, you can expect to receive around 60 Elements as a reward for your victory.

Element is a valuable resource in Ark Island, and it has a wide range of uses. It can be used to power Tek structures and devices, craft powerful Tek weapons and tools, and even create Tek armor. Additionally, Element can be used to power certain structures and devices, such as teleporters and force fields, making it a vital component in advanced base-building.

Gathering Element from the Dinopithecus King not only provides you with a valuable resource, but it also adds an exciting and challenging element to the gameplay. The boss fight itself can be a thrilling experience, requiring strategic planning, teamwork, and precise execution to emerge victorious.

In my own experience, defeating the Dinopithecus King and obtaining Element has been a rewarding and satisfying achievement. It has allowed me to unlock new possibilities in the game, giving me access to powerful tools and technologies that have greatly enhanced my gameplay experience.

To summarize, if you’re looking to acquire Element on Ark Island, the most obvious and rewarding method is to engage in battle with the Dinopithecus King. Defeating this formidable boss creature will yield a significant amount of Element, allowing you to unlock new opportunities and capabilities within the game. So gather your allies, arm yourself to the teeth, and embark on this thrilling adventure to claim your well-deserved Element.