How do you complete Orimund’s taste?

Answered by Edward Huber

To complete Orimund’s Taste Triumph in Destiny 2, you need to acquire 15 unique Iron Banner weapons. Each weapon must be different from the others for it to count towards the total. This Triumph is retroactive, meaning any Iron Banner weapons you have already obtained will count towards the 15 required.

Iron Banner is a limited-time PvP (player versus player) activity in Destiny 2 that occurs periodically throughout the season. During Iron Banner events, you can earn unique weapons and armor by participating in Iron Banner matches and completing Iron Banner bounties.

Here are the steps to complete Orimund’s Taste Triumph:

1. Participate in Iron Banner: Iron Banner is available for a limited time, usually for a week or so, during which you can earn Iron Banner weapons. Keep an eye on the in-game calendar or visit the official Destiny 2 website to know when Iron Banner is active.

2. Earn Iron Banner Tokens: By playing Iron Banner matches, you will earn Iron Banner Tokens. These Tokens can be turned in to Lord Saladin, the Iron Banner vendor, to receive Iron Banner engrams. Each engram has a chance to reward you with an Iron Banner weapon.

3. Complete Iron Banner Bounties: Lord Saladin offers a variety of Iron Banner bounties that you can complete during the event. These bounties reward you with Iron Banner Tokens and have a chance to drop Iron Banner weapons upon completion. Make sure to pick up and complete as many bounties as you can to maximize your chances of obtaining unique weapons.

4. Rank up in Iron Banner: As you earn Iron Banner Tokens and turn them in to Lord Saladin, you will increase your Iron Banner rank. Each rank-up package from Lord Saladin has a chance to reward you with an Iron Banner weapon.

5. Farm Iron Banner Weapons: If you are missing specific Iron Banner weapons to complete Orimund’s Taste Triumph, you can focus your efforts on farming for those weapons. Check the Destiny 2 community forums, subreddit, or other online resources to find out which weapons are currently available in Iron Banner and how to obtain them. Some weapons may have specific requirements, such as completing certain Triumphs or quests, so be sure to check the specific requirements for each weapon.

6. Keep track of your progress: To keep track of which Iron Banner weapons you have already acquired, you can check your Triumphs menu in the game. Look for the Orimund’s Taste Triumph and see how many unique Iron Banner weapons you have obtained. Remember, each weapon must be different from the others to count towards the total of 15.

7. Be patient and persistent: Completing Orimund’s Taste Triumph may take some time and effort, as Iron Banner weapons have random drop rates. Some weapons may be harder to obtain than others, so be prepared for a grind. Keep participating in Iron Banner events, completing bounties, and turning in Tokens to increase your chances of acquiring unique weapons.

Personal Experience:
As an avid Destiny 2 player, I have completed Orimund’s Taste Triumph myself. I found that the best approach was to focus on completing as many Iron Banner bounties as possible during each Iron Banner event. This not only rewarded me with Iron Banner Tokens but also had a chance to drop Iron Banner weapons upon completion.

I also made sure to rank up in Iron Banner by turning in Tokens to Lord Saladin. Each rank-up package had a chance to provide me with an Iron Banner weapon, so the more Tokens I earned, the more chances I had to obtain unique weapons.

Additionally, I joined a fireteam with friends who were also interested in acquiring Iron Banner weapons. This not only made the experience more enjoyable but also increased our chances of obtaining different weapons. We would coordinate and share any duplicate weapons we received to help each other complete the Triumph.

Completing Orimund’s Taste Triumph requires dedication, patience, and a bit of luck. But with persistence and a focused approach, you can acquire 15 unique Iron Banner weapons and achieve this Triumph. Good luck, Guardian!