How do Sicilians say goodbye?

Answered by Frank Schwing

In Sicilian culture, there are several ways to say goodbye, depending on the situation and the level of formality. Here are some common phrases used by Sicilians when bidding farewell:

1. Ciau: This is a casual and informal way to say goodbye in Sicilian. It is similar to the English “bye” or “see you.”

2. Nni videmu: This phrase translates to “we’ll see each other.” It implies that the speaker expects to see the person again soon.

3. Salutamu: This is a more formal way to say goodbye in Sicilian. It is similar to the English “farewell” or “goodbye.”

4. A biatu: This phrase means “until next time.” It is often used when parting ways with someone you expect to see again in the future.

It’s important to note that Sicilian greetings and farewells often vary depending on the specific dialect or region within Sicily. The examples mentioned above are commonly used, but there may be variations in different areas of the island.

In Sicilian culture, saying goodbye is often accompanied by gestures of affection, such as hugs, kisses on the cheek, or handshakes. These physical displays of closeness are considered a sign of warmth and friendship.

When saying goodbye to close friends or family members, Sicilians may also use phrases like “Salutamu a i parenti” (goodbye to the relatives) or “Salutamu a i cari” (goodbye to the dear ones). These expressions emphasize the importance of the relationship and the desire to maintain a strong connection.

In more formal settings, such as business or professional environments, Sicilians may use phrases like “Bona furtuna” (good luck) or “Bona sorti” (good fortune) when bidding farewell. These expressions convey well wishes for future endeavors.

During festive occasions like Christmas, Sicilians may use greetings such as “Bon Natali” (Merry Christmas) or “Boni festi” (Happy holidays) when saying goodbye to others.

It’s worth mentioning that Sicilian culture highly values politeness and respect, so it’s common to add pleasantries and expressions of gratitude when saying goodbye. For instance, phrases like “Bona jurnata” (have a nice day) or “Bon prudi” (good afternoon) may be used to conclude a conversation on a positive note.

Sicilians have a range of phrases and expressions to say goodbye, varying from informal to formal, depending on the relationship and the context. The use of physical gestures and warm wishes further enhances the warmth and closeness in their farewells.