How do people eat steak tartare?

Answered by John Hunt

When it comes to eating steak tartare, everyone may have their own way of enjoying this dish. But there are a few common practices that can give you a good idea of how people typically eat it.

Firstly, steak tartare is often served as an appetizer or a main course in many restaurants. It is made from finely chopped or minced raw beef, which is mixed with various seasonings and condiments to enhance the flavors. Common ingredients include capers, onions, Worcestershire sauce, Dijon mustard, and sometimes egg yolk.

To enjoy steak tartare, it is often served with accompaniments such as small potatoes or french fries. These provide a nice contrast to the raw meat and add a bit of texture to the dish. Some people also like to have a small side salad mixed with vinaigrette, which helps to cleanse the palate between bites.

Now, let me share a personal experience of how I enjoyed steak tartare. I remember being at a restaurant with friends and deciding to try this dish for the first time. It was presented beautifully on a plate, with the minced beef formed into a neat mound in the center. The chef had added a sprinkle of chopped onions and capers on top, which gave it a nice visual appeal.

To eat it, I took a small piece of the beef with my fork and placed it on a slice of bread that was served alongside. I then added a bit of Dijon mustard for an extra kick of flavor. The combination of the tender beef, tangy mustard, and the slight crunch of the bread was simply delightful. I repeated this process, savoring each bite and experimenting with different combinations of flavors.

In terms of etiquette, there are a few things to keep in mind when enjoying steak tartare. Firstly, it is important to make sure that the meat is fresh and of high quality. This dish relies on the raw beef, so it is crucial to trust the restaurant or source you are getting it from.

Secondly, it is recommended to consume steak tartare promptly after it is served. The raw meat can be susceptible to bacterial growth if left sitting for too long. So, it is best to enjoy it while it is still fresh and at its peak flavor.

Lastly, it is perfectly acceptable to customize your steak tartare to suit your taste preferences. Whether you like it spicier with extra mustard or prefer a milder flavor, feel free to adjust the condiments to your liking. Just remember to respect the traditional flavors and balance of the dish.

Eating steak tartare is a personal experience that can vary from person to person. It is often served with small potatoes or french fries for added texture, and a side salad mixed with vinaigrette to cleanse the palate. However, there is no right or wrong way to enjoy this dish. It is all about savoring the flavors, experimenting with different combinations, and appreciating the unique taste of raw beef.