How do Italians drink Fernet Branca?

Answered by Randy McIntyre

Italians have a long-standing tradition of enjoying Fernet Branca, a bitter liqueur, in various ways. While it is commonly consumed as a digestif after a meal, Italians also enjoy it in other ways that enhance its flavors and complement different occasions.

One popular way Italians drink Fernet Branca is by serving it neat or at room temperature. This allows the complex flavors of the liqueur to be fully appreciated without any dilution or interference. When served neat, Fernet Branca is typically poured into a small, tulip-shaped glass. The small serving size helps to savor the drink slowly and appreciate its unique taste.

Another way Italians enjoy Fernet Branca is by adding it to coffee or espresso. This creates a delightful combination of bitter and aromatic flavors. Some Italians prefer to simply pour a small amount of Fernet Branca into their coffee, while others may mix it with a touch of sugar or a splash of milk to balance the flavors. This makes for a satisfying and invigorating beverage, especially during breakfast or as an afternoon pick-me-up.

In addition to adding Fernet Branca to coffee, it can also be mixed into coffee and espresso drinks. For example, a popular Italian cocktail called the “Caffè Corretto” involves adding a shot of Fernet Branca to a cup of espresso. This creates a distinctive and robust drink that is enjoyed by many Italians. The bitter notes of Fernet Branca add depth and complexity to the already rich flavor of espresso.

When it comes to serving Fernet Branca over ice, Italians may opt for this during the warmer months or when they desire a more refreshing experience. Adding ice to Fernet Branca can slightly mellow its bitterness and make it more palatable for those who prefer a lighter taste. The cold temperature also enhances the drinkability of Fernet Branca on a hot summer day.

It’s worth noting that there is also a mint-flavored version of Fernet Branca available. This variation adds a refreshing twist to the traditional Fernet Branca and can be enjoyed in similar ways as the original. The mint flavor complements the bitter profile of Fernet Branca and makes it a popular choice for those who prefer a slightly sweeter and more refreshing taste.

Italians enjoy Fernet Branca in various ways. It is commonly served neat or at room temperature as a digestif, but it is also enjoyed with coffee and espresso or mixed into coffee and espresso drinks. Whether served with ice or without, Fernet Branca offers a unique taste experience that is appreciated by many Italians. Its versatility and complex flavors make it a beloved choice for different occasions and preferences.