How do I watch Apple TV on my TCL Roku TV?

Answered by Michael Wilson

To watch Apple TV on your TCL Roku TV, follow these steps:

1. Press the Home button on your TCL Roku TV remote. This will take you to the home screen of your TV.

2. Scroll up or down using the directional pad on your remote to navigate through the options on the home screen.

3. Select the option called “Streaming Channels.” This will open the Roku Channel Store, where you can find various streaming channels to add to your TV.

4. Once you are in the Roku Channel Store, you can search for the Apple TV channel. To do this, select the option called “Search Channels.”

5. On the search field, enter “Apple TV” using the on-screen keyboard. As you type, the search results will start appearing below the search field.

6. Look for the Apple TV channel in the search results. When you see it, use the directional pad on your TCL Roku TV remote to highlight the Apple TV channel.

7. Once the Apple TV channel is highlighted, press the OK button on your remote to view the channel details.

8. On the channel details screen, you will see an option to add the channel to your TCL Roku TV. Select the option to add the channel.

9. After adding the Apple TV channel, you can go back to the home screen of your TCL Roku TV by pressing the Home button on your remote.

10. On the home screen, you will now see the Apple TV channel listed among your other streaming channels. Simply select the Apple TV channel to launch it and start watching.

11. When you launch the Apple TV channel for the first time, you may need to sign in with your Apple ID. Follow the on-screen prompts to sign in or create a new Apple ID if you don’t have one.

12. Once you are signed in, you can access all the content available on Apple TV, including movies, TV shows, and Apple TV+ original content.

It’s worth noting that you will need an active internet connection to stream content on Apple TV. Additionally, some content on Apple TV may require a subscription or rental fee. Make sure to check the details within the Apple TV channel for any specific requirements or charges.

Enjoy watching Apple TV on your TCL Roku TV!