How do I use AirPods tap controls?

Answered by Cody Janus

Using the tap controls on your AirPods is a convenient way to control your audio playback without needing to take out your iPhone or use Siri. The touch-sensitive control is located on the stem of each AirPod, and it allows you to play and pause audio, skip forward, and skip back. Let’s explore how to use these tap controls in detail:

1. Playing and Pausing Audio:
– To play or pause audio, simply tap once on the Touch control located on either AirPod stem. This action will start or pause your music or any other audio playback.
– Personally, I find this feature incredibly useful when I need to quickly pause my music to have a conversation or listen to something else. It eliminates the need to fumble with my iPhone or search for the playback controls on my headphones.

2. Skipping Forward:
– If you want to skip to the next track or chapter, you can double-tap on the Touch control of either AirPod. This action will help you swiftly move forward in your playlist or podcast.
– I often use this function when I’m listening to a long podcast episode and want to jump to the next topic or segment. It saves time and allows me to easily navigate through my audio content.

3. Skipping Back:
– Similarly, if you wish to go back to the previous track or chapter, you can triple-tap on the Touch control of either AirPod. This action will help you rewind and listen to the previous part of your audio.
– When I accidentally miss an important point in a podcast or a song, I find the triple-tap feature particularly handy. It enables me to quickly go back and catch what I missed without having to manually scrub through the audio.

Remember, these tap controls are customizable, allowing you to configure them according to your preferences. You can adjust the tap settings for each AirPod individually through your iPhone’s settings. Simply go to Settings > Bluetooth > (i) next to your AirPods > Tap on Left or Right AirPod, and then select the desired function for double-tap and triple-tap actions.

The tap controls on AirPods provide a seamless way to manage your audio playback. Whether you need to play or pause, skip forward, or skip back, the Touch control on the stem of each AirPod allows for easy and convenient control. Take advantage of these features to enhance your listening experience and make your AirPods even more user-friendly.