How do I sync between devices?

Answered by Phillip Nicastro

To sync between devices, you’ll need a Google Account. I’ll walk you through the steps on an Android phone or tablet using the Chrome app.

1. Open the Chrome app on your Android device. You can usually find it on your home screen or in the app drawer.

2. Once you have Chrome open, look for the address bar at the top of the screen. To the right of the address bar, you’ll see three dots arranged vertically. Tap on those dots to access the menu.

3. In the menu, scroll down and look for the “Settings” option. Tap on it to open the settings page.

4. On the settings page, you’ll see various options. Look for the one that says “Sync and Google services” and tap on it.

5. Now, you’ll see a toggle switch that says “Sync.” Tap on it to turn on sync.

6. After you turn on sync, you’ll be prompted to choose the account you want to use for syncing. If you have multiple Google accounts on your device, select the one you want to use. If you don’t have a Google account, you can create one by tapping on the “Add account” option.

7. Once you’ve selected the account, you’ll see a confirmation message asking if you want to turn on sync. Tap on “I’m in” to confirm.

That’s it! You’ve successfully turned on sync for your Chrome app on your Android device. Now, any bookmarks, history, passwords, and other browsing data will be synced across all your devices using the same Google Account.

I hope this helps you sync between your devices seamlessly. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.