How do I save a video from Reddit mobile?

Answered by Robert Dupre

To save a video from Reddit on mobile, you can follow these steps:

1. Find the Reddit post that includes the video you want to save. You can browse through your Reddit feed or search for specific keywords using the search bar.

2. Once you’ve found the post with the video, tap on it to open the post and view the video.

3. At the bottom of the post, you’ll see various options including Share, Save, and Comment. Tap on the Share option.

4. A menu will pop up with different sharing options. Look for the option called “Copy Link” or simply “Copy” and select it. This will copy the link to the post containing the video to your device’s clipboard.

5. Now, open a web browser on your mobile device and visit the RedditSave website. You can simply search for “RedditSave” on your browser and it should appear in the search results.

6. On the RedditSave website, you’ll see a text box at the top of the page where you can paste the link you copied earlier. Tap on the text box and select the “Paste” option to insert the link.

7. After pasting the link, tap the “Download” button next to the text box. This will initiate the process of extracting the video from the Reddit post.

8. Once the video is extracted, you’ll be presented with options to download the video in different formats and quality levels. Select the desired format and quality, and tap on the corresponding download button.

9. The video will now start downloading to your mobile device. The exact location where the video is saved might vary depending on your device and settings.

10. After the download is complete, you can access the saved video through your device’s file manager or gallery app.

Remember to respect the content creator’s rights and use the downloaded video for personal use only. Sharing or distributing the video without proper permission may infringe on copyright laws.

I hope this detailed explanation helps you save videos from Reddit on your mobile device. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!