How do I reconnect with an old friend?

Answered by Cody Janus

Reconnecting with an old friend can feel awkward and uncertain, especially if it’s been a long time since you last spoke. However, with some effort and genuine interest, you can rebuild that connection. Here are some steps to help you reconnect:

1. Pick up the phone and actually call: In today’s digital age, we often rely on texting or social media to communicate. However, making a phone call shows sincerity and effort. It also allows for a more personal conversation.

2. Text your friend some dates with a game plan: After the initial call, send a follow-up text suggesting specific dates and activities to meet up. This shows that you are committed to reconnecting and have put thought into planning something enjoyable.

3. Stick to the plans and show up: It’s important to follow through on the proposed meet-up. Be punctual and show up with a positive attitude. By honoring your commitment, you demonstrate reliability and value their time.

4. Forgive them if they cancel: Life can get busy, and unexpected circumstances may arise. If your friend cancels, try to be understanding and forgiving. Give them the benefit of the doubt and reschedule for another time.

5. Listen: During your meet-up, actively listen to your friend. Show genuine interest in their life and experiences. Avoid dominating the conversation and allow them to share their thoughts and feelings.

6. Acknowledge, apologize, and move on: If there were any past issues or misunderstandings, acknowledge them and apologize if necessary. Be open to discussing any unresolved conflicts, but also focus on moving forward and rebuilding the friendship.

7. Follow up if you feel a connection: If you feel a positive connection during your meet-up, make an effort to follow up. Send a text or make plans for another get-together. Building a friendship requires consistent effort and communication.

8. Put in the time: Reconnecting with an old friend takes time and commitment. Make a conscious effort to maintain contact regularly. Schedule regular catch-ups or activities together to nurture the friendship.

Remember, reconnecting with an old friend may not always result in the same level of closeness as before. People change, and life circumstances evolve. However, by putting in the effort and showing genuine interest, you can rebuild a meaningful connection with your old friend.