How do I put my Macbook Pro into DFU mode?

Answered by Willian Lymon

To put your Macbook Pro into DFU mode, follow these steps:

1. Start by turning off your Macbook Pro completely. Make sure it is powered off before proceeding.

2. Connect your Macbook Pro to your Host Mac using a USB cable. Ensure the cable is securely connected to both devices.

3. On your Host Mac, open iTunes. If iTunes is not already installed, you can download and install it from the Apple website.

4. On your Macbook Pro, press and hold the power button. Keep the power button pressed down for about 10 seconds.

5. While still holding the power button, connect your Macbook Pro to a power source. This can be done by plugging in the power adapter to the Macbook Pro while keeping the power button pressed down.

6. Continue holding the power button for another 10 seconds after connecting to power. This will initiate the DFU mode on your Macbook Pro.

7. On your Host Mac, right-click the DFU icon that appears in iTunes. This will allow you to access additional options and settings for your Macbook Pro in DFU mode.

It’s important to note that putting your Macbook Pro into DFU mode should be done with caution, as it can potentially affect the device’s software and data. It is recommended to only enter DFU mode if you are experienced and knowledgeable about the process, or if you are following specific instructions from Apple or a trusted source.

Additionally, keep in mind that DFU mode is typically used for troubleshooting purposes, such as restoring or updating the firmware on your Macbook Pro. It is not a mode that is commonly used for regular usage or day-to-day operations.