How do I move multiple frames in Krita?

Answered by Stephen Mosley

To move multiple frames in Krita, you can use the Create Duplicate Frame button and the Move Tool. Let’s go through the steps in detail:

1. Open Krita and create a new animation file or open an existing one.
2. In the Timeline Docker, you will see a list of frames. Each frame represents a different point in your animation.
3. Select the frame you want to duplicate by clicking on it. This will make it the active frame.
4. Look for the Create Duplicate Frame button in the Timeline Docker. It is represented by two squares with a plus sign in between. Click on this button.
5. After clicking the Create Duplicate Frame button, you will notice that a new frame has been added at the end of the frame list. This new frame is an exact copy of the original frame.
6. Now, switch to the Move Tool by pressing the T key on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can select the Move Tool from the toolbar.
7. With the Move Tool active, click on the first frame to select its contents. You will see a bounding box around the contents of the frame.
8. Hold down the Shift key and press the Up Arrow key (↑) on your keyboard. This will move the contents of the frame upward by a set distance. You can adjust the distance by pressing the Up Arrow key multiple times.
9. The contents of the first frame will now be moved up. If you have multiple layers in your animation, make sure to select and move each layer separately.
10. Repeat steps 7 to 9 for the second frame. This will move the contents of the second frame up as well.
11. You can continue duplicating frames and using the Move Tool to move their contents as per your animation requirements.

Here’s a recap of the steps:
1. Select the frame you want to duplicate.
2. Click the Create Duplicate Frame button to create a duplicate.
3. Switch to the Move Tool by pressing T.
4. Select the contents of the first frame.
5. Hold Shift and press the Up Arrow key to move the contents up.
6. Repeat for other frames as needed.

Moving multiple frames in Krita can be useful for creating animations where you want certain elements to move together. Experiment with different frame duplications and movements to achieve the desired animation effect.

Note: The steps mentioned above are based on the latest version of Krita at the time of writing this answer. The layout and options in Krita may vary slightly in different versions, but the core functionality should remain the same.