How do I make my dog less attached to me?

Answered by Jason Smith

To make your dog less attached to you, it’s important to involve other people in your household in their care and bonding. By sharing the responsibilities of feeding, training, playing, and walking, you can help your dog form stronger connections with others and become less reliant on you.

Firstly, let others take over the task of feeding your dog. This can be a great opportunity for them to bond with your pet and establish a routine. By having different people feed your dog, they will start associating mealtime with other members of the household, and not just you.

Training is another area where others can get involved. Assign specific commands or tricks to different family members and let them take charge of training sessions. This will not only give your dog exposure to different training styles but also help them build trust and respect with others.

Playtime is crucial for bonding, so encourage other household members to engage in interactive play sessions with your dog. Whether it’s playing fetch, tug-of-war, or simply running around the backyard, these activities will create positive associations with other family members and reduce dependence on you for play.

Walking is not only a physical exercise but also a great opportunity for dogs to explore and interact with the world. Allow different family members to take turns walking your dog and let them engage in bonding activities like sniffing, exploring new routes, or meeting other dogs. This will give your dog a chance to form connections with others and reduce their reliance on you for walks.

Pampering your dog with cuddles and high-value treats is another way to involve others in their care. Encourage family members to spend quality time cuddling with your dog, providing affection, and offering treats during training sessions. This will make them associate positive experiences and rewards with other people, helping them become less attached to you.

Involving other people in your household in your dog’s care and bonding is key to making them less dependent on you. By assigning tasks like feeding, training, playing, and walking to others, you can help your dog form stronger connections with everyone in the household, reducing their attachment to just one person. Remember, the goal is to create a well-rounded and socially adaptable dog who can form strong bonds with multiple family members.