How do I know my catcher’s glove size?

Answered by Robert Flynn

To determine your catcher’s glove size, you need to consider your age and level of play. The size of a catcher’s mitt is important as it directly affects your ability to receive pitches and make quick transfers to throw out runners.

For players aged 13 and under, it is recommended to wear a mitt that is 32″ to 32.5″ in size. This size provides a good balance between control and flexibility for younger players who may have smaller hands. It allows for easy catching and handling of the ball while still providing enough surface area to catch pitches effectively.

As players age and advance in their baseball journey, their mitt size should increase accordingly. For players aged 13 to 16, a mitt size of 32.5″ to 33″ is recommended. This slightly larger size accommodates the growth of players’ hands and provides a bit more surface area to catch harder-thrown pitches.

For players aged 16 and older, a mitt size of 33″ and upwards is recommended. At this stage, players have likely reached their full hand size, and a larger mitt allows for better control and stability when receiving pitches. The increased surface area also helps in framing pitches and blocking balls in the dirt.

It is important to note that these size recommendations are general guidelines, and personal preference also plays a role. Some catchers may feel more comfortable with a slightly smaller or larger mitt based on their individual hand size and playing style. Trying on different sizes and feeling how the mitt fits and performs is crucial in finding the right size for you.

When trying on a catcher’s mitt, make sure to fully close the mitt and ensure that it fits snugly around your hand. You should be able to fully close the mitt without excessive strain or discomfort. The webbing should also align properly with your catching hand, allowing for easy ball transfer when making throws.

Determining your catcher’s glove size is based on your age and level of play. For younger players, a mitt size of 32″ to 32.5″ is recommended, while players aged 13 to 16 can opt for a size of 32.5″ to 33″. Players aged 16 and older should consider a mitt size of 33″ and upwards. Ultimately, finding the right size is a personal preference, and trying on different sizes is essential to ensure a proper fit and optimal performance on the field.