How do I know if my card has 3DS?

Answered by Randy McIntyre

To determine if an online merchant is 3DS enabled, you can look for specific logos or indicators on their website. One common indicator is the presence of logos such as “Verified by VISA” (VBV) or “SecureCode” (Mastercard). These logos signify that the merchant supports 3DS authentication for their transactions.

Here’s how you can check for these logos on a merchant’s website:

1. Look for payment logos: Merchants often display logos of the card schemes they accept on their website. These logos can be found in the footer, checkout page, or on the payment options page. If you see logos of VISA or Mastercard, it’s a good sign that they might support 3DS.

2. Search for 3DS-specific logos: Keep an eye out for additional logos like “Verified by VISA” or “SecureCode” displayed alongside the payment options. These logos indicate that the merchant supports 3DS authentication for added security during online transactions.

3. Check the payment process: Once you proceed to the checkout or payment page, pay attention to the steps involved in completing the transaction. If the payment process includes an additional step where you have to enter a one-time password or a security code sent to your mobile device, it is likely that the merchant is utilizing 3DS to authenticate the transaction.

If you cannot find any indication of 3DS support on the merchant’s website, it’s best to contact their customer support for clarification. They should be able to confirm whether they support 3DS authentication or not.

It’s worth noting that while the presence of 3DS logos is a good indication of a merchant’s support for this security feature, it’s always important to exercise caution when making online payments. Look for other trust signals such as secure website URLs (https://), reviews, and customer feedback before providing your card details to any merchant.

In my personal experience, when shopping online, I have often come across merchants that prominently display logos like “Verified by VISA” or “Mastercard SecureCode” during the checkout process. These logos give me confidence that my transaction will be protected and authenticated using 3DS. However, there have also been instances where I had to contact the merchant’s customer support to confirm their support for 3DS, especially if the logos were not clearly displayed.

To summarize, look for logos like “Verified by VISA” or “SecureCode” on the merchant’s website and during the payment process to determine if they are 3DS enabled. If in doubt, reach out to their customer support for clarification.