How do I get the infograph watch face?

Answered by Jarrod Smith

To get the Infograph watch face on your Apple Watch, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps. First, make sure that your Apple Watch is running watchOS 5 or later, as the Infograph watch face is only available on this version or newer.

Next, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. This app serves as a hub for customizing and managing your Apple Watch. Once you’ve launched the app, you’ll see a variety of options and settings to explore.

To find the Infograph watch face, navigate to the “Face Gallery” section within the Apple Watch app. This section contains a collection of watch faces that you can choose from. Look for the Infograph watch face, which should be located towards the top left side of the screen.

Once you’ve located the Infograph watch face, tap on it to select it. You’ll be presented with a preview of the watch face, allowing you to see how it will look on your Apple Watch. If you’re happy with the preview, tap the “Add” or “Set” button to apply the Infograph watch face to your Apple Watch.

Now, your Apple Watch should be displaying the Infograph watch face, featuring its unique design and customizable complications. Complications are small, customizable widgets that can display various types of information, such as weather, calendar events, or fitness data, directly on your watch face.

To customize the complications on the Infograph watch face, simply tap and hold on the watch face itself. This will enter the customization mode, where you can tap on specific complications to change their appearance or assign them different functions.

In addition to customizing the complications, you can also change the color scheme of the Infograph watch face. To do this, go back to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and navigate to the “Face Gallery” section. Find the Infograph watch face again and tap on it. This time, instead of tapping “Add” or “Set,” tap on the “Customize” button.

From here, you can swipe left or right to access different color options for the Infograph watch face. Choose the color scheme that you prefer, then tap “Set as current Watch Face” to apply the changes to your Apple Watch.

Getting the Infograph watch face is a straightforward process. Just make sure your Apple Watch is running watchOS 5 or later, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, navigate to the Face Gallery, select the Infograph watch face, and customize it to your liking. Enjoy your new watch face!