How do I get Survivors of the Void?

Answered by Willie Powers

To get the Survivors of the Void DLC for the game, you have a few options available. This major update, version 2.1.0, was released on March 1, 2022, and it brings a range of exciting new content to the game. Here’s how you can access it:

1. Purchase the DLC: The most straightforward way to get the Survivors of the Void DLC is to buy it. You can check the game’s official website or the digital storefronts of platforms like Steam, Epic Games Store, or to find and purchase the DLC. The price may vary depending on your region and platform.

2. Multiplayer lobby with DLC owner: If you don’t want to purchase the DLC yourself, you can still access the new content by joining a multiplayer lobby where the host owns the Survivors of the Void DLC. This way, you’ll be able to play with the new Survivors, experience the new environments, and enjoy the added gamemodes and mechanics.

It’s important to note that playing in a multiplayer lobby with the DLC owner doesn’t grant you personal access to the DLC outside of that particular session. If you want to enjoy the new content on your own or in other multiplayer sessions, you’ll need to purchase the DLC yourself.

Once you have obtained the Survivors of the Void DLC, you’ll be able to access the new Survivors, Items, Environments, gamemodes, and mechanics that have been introduced in the 2.1.0 update. These additions can bring fresh challenges and experiences to your gameplay, providing you with new strategies and opportunities to explore.

It’s worth mentioning that DLCs are a common way for game developers to continue supporting and expanding their games post-launch. They often introduce new content and features that enhance the overall gameplay experience. If you’ve enjoyed the base game and are looking for more content, DLCs like Survivors of the Void can be a great way to extend your enjoyment and keep the game feeling fresh.

In my personal experience, I’ve found that purchasing DLCs has allowed me to delve deeper into the games I love. It’s exciting to see developers adding new elements to the game, whether it’s new characters, maps, or game modes. These additions can breathe new life into a game that I’ve already enjoyed, making it feel like a fresh experience all over again.

Getting the Survivors of the Void DLC for the game can be done by purchasing it directly or joining a multiplayer lobby with the DLC owner. Whichever option you choose, it will unlock a wealth of new content and experiences for you to enjoy in the game. So, go ahead and embark on new adventures with the Survivors of the Void!