How do I get proof of employment from DoorDash?

Answered by Randy McIntyre

To obtain proof of employment from DoorDash, you will need to follow a slightly different approach since you are not classified as an employee but rather as a business partner or contractor. Instead of requesting proof of employment, you will need to provide proof of your business income as a DoorDash driver. Here are the steps you can take to obtain this proof:

1. Access your DoorDash account: Log in to your DoorDash account using your username and password. If you haven’t created an account yet, you will need to sign up with DoorDash first.

2. Review your earnings statements: Once you are logged in, navigate to the earnings section of your account. Here, you should be able to view your earnings statements, which provide a detailed breakdown of your earnings for each pay period.

3. Generate income reports: DoorDash typically provides options to generate income reports, which can serve as proof of your business income. These reports may include information such as the dates of your deliveries, the total earnings, and any deductions or expenses incurred during the pay period.

4. Download or print the income reports: After generating the income reports, download or print them for your records. This will provide you with physical or digital documentation of your earnings and can be used as proof of your DoorDash income.

5. Keep track of your mileage and expenses: In addition to income reports, it’s also essential to keep track of your mileage and any expenses related to your DoorDash business. This includes expenses like gas, maintenance, and vehicle-related costs. These records can further support your proof of income and business expenses.

6. Consult with an accountant or tax professional: If you require additional documentation or assistance in preparing your proof of income for specific purposes, such as applying for a loan or renting an apartment, consider consulting with an accountant or tax professional. They can help you navigate the process and ensure you have all the necessary documents to meet your needs.

It’s important to note that the specific steps and processes may vary slightly depending on your location and the features provided by DoorDash. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to visit the DoorDash website or contact their support team directly for any further guidance or specific instructions on obtaining proof of your business income.