How do I fix Smart Lock?

Answered by Jason Smith

To fix the Smart Lock Trusted Places tap issue on your Android device, you can follow these steps:

1. Find and tap on the “Settings” app on your device. It is usually represented by a gear icon.
2. Scroll down or search for “Lock Screen and Security” and tap on it.
3. Make sure that the “Screen lock type” is not set to “Swype” or any other unlocking method that might interfere with the Smart Lock feature. If it is, change it to a pattern, PIN, or password.
4. Now, tap on “Secure Lock Settings” or a similar option depending on your device.
5. You might be asked to enter your pattern, PIN, or password for security purposes. Enter the required information.
6. Look for the option labeled “Smart Lock” and tap on it.
7. Under Smart Lock, you will find various options. Tap on “Trusted Places” to manage the locations that are trusted for automatic unlocking.
8. You will see a list of previously added Trusted Places. Tap on the location that isn’t working properly.
9. Once you select the location, you will see an option to “Edit Address.” Tap on it to update or modify the address associated with the location.
10. You can now enter the correct address or adjust the location on the map to ensure accuracy.
11. After making the necessary changes, tap on the “Save” or “Apply” button to save the updated address for the Trusted Place.

By following these steps, you should be able to fix any issues related to the Smart Lock Trusted Places feature on your Android device. Remember to double-check the accuracy of the address and ensure that your device’s location services are enabled for Smart Lock to work correctly.

Note: The exact steps and options may vary slightly depending on your Android device’s make, model, and operating system version.