How do I enable MMS Messaging on iPhone 11 ios 15?

Answered by Phillip Nicastro

To enable MMS messaging on your iPhone 11 running iOS 15, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Settings app
On your iPhone home screen, locate the Settings app and tap on it. The Settings app is represented by a gear icon.

Step 2: Tap on Cellular
Within the Settings app, scroll down and tap on the “Cellular” option. This is where you can manage cellular data settings.

Step 3: Access Cellular Data Network settings
Under the Cellular section, you will find various options related to your cellular data. Scroll down until you find the “Cellular Data Network” option and tap on it. This will allow you to configure the APN settings for MMS messaging.

Step 4: Enter APN settings for MMS
In the Cellular Data Network settings, you will see several fields related to different APN settings. Look for the field labeled “Personal Hotspot APN” and enter “h2g2-t” in this field. This setting is necessary for MMS to work properly.

Step 5: Enter APN settings for other fields
In the remaining three fields (Cellular Data, LTE Setup, and MMS), enter “h2g2” in each of them. These settings ensure that your device is properly configured to send and receive MMS messages.

Step 6: Configure MMS Max Message size
Scroll down further until you find the “MMS Max Message Size” field. Tap on it and enter “23456789” as the maximum message size. This determines the largest file size that can be sent or received via MMS.

Step 7: Restart your iPhone
To ensure that the changes take effect, it is recommended to restart your iPhone. You can do this by holding down the power button until the “Slide to Power Off” option appears. Slide the power icon to the right to turn off your device. After a few seconds, press the power button again to turn it back on.

Once your iPhone restarts, MMS messaging should be enabled and configured with the settings you entered. You should now be able to send and receive MMS messages on your iPhone 11 running iOS 15.

Please note that the availability and functionality of MMS may depend on your carrier’s network support for MMS messaging. If you continue to experience issues, it is recommended to contact your carrier for further assistance.