How do I clean my MacBook keyboard without alcohol?

Answered by Phillip Nicastro

Cleaning your MacBook keyboard without using alcohol is important to ensure that you don’t damage the delicate components of your device. Here are some steps you can follow to clean your MacBook keyboard effectively:

1. Gather the necessary supplies: You will need a can of compressed air, a soft microfiber cloth, and a small brush with soft bristles. Make sure the brush is clean and free from any debris.

2. Turn off your MacBook: Before starting the cleaning process, it’s crucial to turn off your MacBook and unplug any accessories connected to it. This will prevent any accidental damage to your device and ensure your safety.

3. Remove external covers or skins: If you use a keyboard cover or any other external skin on your MacBook, remove it before cleaning. This will allow you to access the keys more effectively and prevent any residue from being trapped under the cover.

4. Use compressed air: Holding the can of compressed air upright, gently spray short bursts of air between the keys. This will dislodge any dust or debris that may have accumulated. Be careful not to tilt the can too much or shake it vigorously, as this can release moisture that could damage your MacBook.

5. Brush away debris: After using the compressed air, take the small brush and gently brush across the keys and around the edges. This will help remove any remaining dirt or particles that may have been loosened by the compressed air. Ensure the brush you use has soft bristles to avoid scratching the keys or damaging the keyboard.

6. Wipe the keyboard: Take the soft microfiber cloth and lightly dampen it with water. Make sure it is not soaking wet, as excess moisture can harm your MacBook. Gently wipe the keys and the surrounding areas, removing any remaining residue or smudges. Avoid using any cleaning agents or chemicals, as they may damage the keyboard or leave behind a sticky residue.

7. Let it dry: Allow your MacBook keyboard to air dry for a few minutes before turning it back on or using it again. This will ensure that any moisture from the cleaning process evaporates completely.

It’s worth mentioning that regular maintenance of your MacBook keyboard can help prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris. Avoid eating or drinking over the keyboard, as spills can cause damage. If you notice any persistent stains or sticky keys, it’s best to consult an Apple Authorized Service Provider for further assistance.

Remember to always handle your MacBook with care and follow Apple’s guidelines for cleaning and maintenance.