How do I check my JCPenney Rewards?

Answered by Jason Smith

To check your JCPenney Rewards, there are a few easy steps you can follow. Firstly, you will need to sign in to your JCPenney account at This will allow you to access and view your available Rewards and points balance. Once you have signed in, you will be able to see a quick overview of your Rewards and points balance on the main page.

If you want a more detailed view of your Rewards or if you would like to print them out, you can select the “View Rewards” option. This will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of your Rewards, including information on the expiration dates, rewards amount, and any other relevant details. It is always a good idea to regularly check your Rewards to ensure you are aware of any upcoming expiration dates or new Rewards that you may have earned.

In addition to accessing your Rewards on the JCPenney website, you can also check your Rewards through the JCPenney mobile app. This provides you with the convenience of accessing your Rewards on the go, allowing you to easily keep track of your points balance and any available Rewards.

Checking your JCPenney Rewards regularly is beneficial as it allows you to take advantage of any earned Rewards and ensure they are used before they expire. It is also a great way to stay informed about any special offers or promotions that may be available to you as a Rewards member.

Personally, I have found checking my JCPenney Rewards to be a straightforward process. I appreciate the convenience of being able to access my Rewards online or through the mobile app, as it allows me to stay updated on my points balance and take advantage of any available Rewards. I have found it helpful to set a reminder to check my Rewards regularly, ensuring that I don’t miss out on any valuable discounts or benefits.

Checking your JCPenney Rewards is as simple as signing in to your account at or using the JCPenney mobile app. By regularly checking your Rewards, you can stay informed about your points balance, any available Rewards, and any upcoming expiration dates. This allows you to make the most of your JCPenney Rewards and take advantage of the benefits they offer.