How did Dr Blair get infected in The Thing?

Answered by Randy McIntyre

Dr. Blair’s infection in “The Thing” likely occurred during the hour-long blackout when a fuse was blown, leading to Fuchs’ death. It is highly probable that either Norris or Palmer, who were already infected by the alien creature, managed to infect Blair while he was locked in the tool shed.

During the blackout, chaos and confusion reigned within the research facility. The darkness provided the perfect opportunity for the infected to carry out their sinister plans without being noticed. With the fuse blown, it was clear that the alien creature had orchestrated this event to create an environment conducive to infecting others.

Blair, known for his intelligence and skills as the facility’s chief biologist, was a prime target for the Thing. It would have recognized the threat posed by Blair’s knowledge and expertise, understanding that he could potentially uncover its true nature and find a way to defeat it. Therefore, infecting Blair would have been a strategic move to neutralize him.

The Thing, being a shape-shifting organism capable of perfectly imitating its hosts, would have taken on the appearance of either Norris or Palmer to gain Blair’s trust. It would have exploited the darkness and confusion during the blackout to approach Blair undetected.

Once in close proximity, the Thing would have used its unique ability to assimilate and infect its host. It could have injected Blair with its own cells or merged with his body, slowly taking control from within. Given the Thing’s rapid replication and assimilation abilities, it is likely that Blair’s infection occurred swiftly.

The isolation and vulnerability of being locked in the tool shed would have further aided the Thing in infecting Blair. Unable to seek help or escape, Blair would have been at the mercy of the alien creature. The darkness, combined with the fear and uncertainty surrounding the blackout, would have made it difficult for Blair to detect the subtle signs of infection.

Blair’s infection would have been a significant turning point in the story, as it marked the infiltration of the Thing into the heart of the research facility. With Blair’s knowledge and expertise now compromised, the creature had gained a powerful ally and the potential to spread its influence even further.

It is highly likely that Dr. Blair was infected by either Norris or Palmer during the hour-long blackout when a fuse was blown, leading to Fuchs’ death. The darkness, confusion, and isolation during this period provided the perfect opportunity for the Thing to infect Blair undetected. The creature, recognizing Blair’s threat, would have strategically targeted him to neutralize his knowledge and expertise. This pivotal moment in the story marked the infiltration of the Thing into the core of the research facility, setting the stage for further chaos and suspense.