How did Deftones get the Around the Fur album cover?

Answered by Randy McIntyre

The album cover for Deftones’ 1997 album, “Around the Fur,” is quite iconic and features an image of a young girl with her hair covering her face. However, it is important to note that the girl on the cover is not actually a member of the band or anyone directly associated with them.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the picture used for the album cover was actually a photograph of drummer Glenn Graham’s sister, Georgia. The photo was taken when Georgia was just 10 years old. The band decided to use this image for the album cover as it effectively captured the dark and mysterious atmosphere they were aiming for.

When it came time to create the music video for the album’s title track, “Around the Fur,” the band wanted to find an actress who closely resembled the girl in the album cover. They wanted someone who could portray the same haunting and eerie presence. They found this in a young actress named Heather DeLoach.

Heather DeLoach was chosen to play the role of the girl from the album cover in the music video. She was around the same age as Georgia was when the original photo was taken. DeLoach’s portrayal in the music video helped bring the album cover to life and added an extra layer of visual storytelling to the band’s music.

Deftones obtained the “Around the Fur” album cover by using a photograph of drummer Glenn Graham’s sister, Georgia. To bring the image to life in the music video, they cast a young actress named Heather DeLoach who closely resembled the girl in the photo. This collaboration between the band, the original subject of the photo, and the actress helped create a visually striking and memorable album cover.