How did Abby feel when Maddie left?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

When Maddie left, Abby was absolutely distraught. The emotions she felt were overwhelming, and it was clear that she was deeply affected by Maddie’s departure. The bond between Abby and Maddie was undoubtedly strong, as Abby had not only trained Maddie but also played a significant role in her success. The thought of losing such a talented and dedicated student was undoubtedly a devastating blow for Abby.

For quite some time after Maddie left, Abby and the rest of the team felt an immense amount of guilt. They couldn’t help but feel responsible for Maddie’s departure and question if there was anything they could have done differently to prevent it. Abby had invested so much time and effort into training Maddie, and it was heartbreaking for her to see all of that go to waste.

However, amidst the guilt and heartache, there was also a sense of relief for Maddie. She had been in a toxic environment for far too long, and she had reached a point where she couldn’t tolerate it any longer. Maddie knew deep down that she would be okay without Abby and the dance studio. She had grown tired of the negativity and toxicity that surrounded her, and she knew that leaving was the best decision for her own well-being.

It’s important to note that while Abby may have been distraught and felt guilty about Maddie leaving, there were likely complex emotions at play. While she cared deeply for Maddie and wanted the best for her, there may have also been a sense of resentment or frustration towards Maddie for leaving. Abby had invested so much time and energy into Maddie’s training, and it can be difficult to see someone you’ve mentored choose to leave.

Abby felt distraught and guilty when Maddie left. The bond they had formed was strong, and losing Maddie was undoubtedly a painful experience for Abby. However, Maddie’s departure also brought a sense of relief for her, as she was finally able to escape the toxic environment she had been in. The emotions surrounding Maddie’s departure were undoubtedly complex, reflecting the deep connection and investment Abby had in her as a student.