How can you tell if its a baby bat?

Answered by Jason Smith

To determine if you have found a baby bat, there are several key characteristics to look out for. Firstly, baby bats are typically born in the months of June and July, so finding one during this time increases the likelihood of it being a young bat.

One noticeable feature of baby bats is their lack of fur. They are born hairless, resembling tiny pink creatures. This absence of fur makes them easily distinguishable from adult bats. As they grow, their bodies undergo changes, and they begin to develop a fine, soft fur known as “peach-fuzz.” This fur gives them a slightly fuzzy appearance before they eventually acquire their full adult coat.

Another way to determine if you have found a baby bat is by closely inspecting their fur. If you gently blow on the fur and it easily parts, revealing the skin beneath, it is a good indication that the bat is not very young. Baby bats tend to have more tightly packed fur that does not easily separate when blown upon.

It is important to note that if you are certain you have found a baby bat, it is crucial to seek help as soon as possible. Bats are delicate creatures, and baby bats especially require specialized care and attention. Contacting a local wildlife rescue organization or bat rehabilitation center can ensure that the baby bat receives the proper care it needs for survival.

In my personal experience, I once came across a small bat in my backyard during the summer months. It had a thin layer of fur, and upon gently blowing on its fur, it easily parted, indicating that it was not a baby bat. I observed it for a while, making sure it was safe and uninjured before it eventually flew away. This encounter reminded me of the importance of understanding the different stages of bat development and the significance of seeking help for baby bats in need.

To summarize, determining if you have found a baby bat involves considering factors such as the time of year, the presence of fur, and the behavior of the fur when gently blown upon. If you are certain you have found a baby bat, it is crucial to seek assistance from wildlife professionals to ensure its proper care and well-being.