How can I protect my manicure while gardening?

Answered by Cody Janus

To protect my manicure while gardening, I have found a few simple steps that work wonders. First, I make sure to prepare my hands before I even step foot in the garden. One method I use is to scratch a bar of soap, so I have soap shavings under each nail. This creates a barrier between my nails and the dirt, preventing it from getting trapped underneath and causing damage.

Another step I take is to rub petroleum jelly on my cuticles and nails. This not only moisturizes and nourishes them, but it also acts as a protective layer. The dirt and grime from gardening will adhere to the petroleum jelly instead of my nails, making it easier to wash off later.

When I’m ready to start gardening, I try to be mindful of how I handle tools and plants. I avoid using my nails as tools and instead opt for using proper gardening tools. This helps prevent any accidental chips or breaks in my manicure.

If I notice any dirt or debris accumulating on my hands or nails while gardening, I make sure to wash them off immediately. Leaving dirt on my nails for too long can lead to staining and damage, so I take the time to clean them thoroughly.

After I’m finished gardening for the day, I give my hands and nails some extra care. I wash them with a gentle soap and warm water, making sure to clean underneath my nails. I then apply a nourishing hand cream to keep my hands and cuticles hydrated. This helps maintain the health and appearance of my manicure.

Protecting my manicure while gardening involves a few simple steps. Preparing my hands by using soap shavings under my nails and applying petroleum jelly to my cuticles and nails creates a protective barrier. Being mindful of how I handle tools and plants, washing my hands and nails promptly, and providing extra care after gardening all contribute to maintaining a beautiful manicure.