How are ghoul born?

Answered by Edward Huber

Ghouls, mysterious and terrifying creatures, are said to be born upon the death of an individual who possessed a peculiar taste for human flesh. This dark craving, combined with a gruesome demise, supposedly triggers the transformation into a ghoul. While the specifics of this process remain shrouded in myth and legend, it is believed that a ghoul emerges from the depths of the underworld, ready to feast upon the living and the dead.

The origin of ghouls is deeply rooted in folklore and varies across different cultures and stories. In some tales, individuals who engage in cannibalism during their lifetime are condemned to become ghouls upon their death. Others suggest that ghouls are created when a person dies in a state of extreme hunger or with a deep desire for human flesh. However, these accounts are not universally agreed upon, and the true nature of a ghoul’s birth remains elusive.

It is important to note that ghouls are not limited to consuming the deceased. They also prey upon unsuspecting living beings, lurking in the shadows and pouncing upon their victims when the opportunity arises. Their ability to paralyze their targets with a single touch adds to their fearsome reputation, rendering even the strongest of individuals helpless in their grasp. However, it is worth mentioning that elves are immune to the paralyzing touch of ghouls, providing them with a rare advantage against these formidable creatures.

Beyond the standard variety of ghouls, there exist numerous other forms that add further complexity to their existence. One such variant is the abyssal ghoul, a particularly malevolent and sinister breed. These abyssal ghouls are said to dwell in the darkest corners of the world, lurking in the depths of forgotten catacombs and ancient burial grounds. Their insatiable hunger drives them to seek out prey relentlessly, making them even more formidable than their regular counterparts.

While the concept of ghouls may seem fantastical, tales of encounters with these creatures have persisted throughout history. There have been reports of individuals claiming to have witnessed ghouls in action, recounting horrifying tales of narrow escapes and encounters with the undead. However, it is important to approach such accounts with skepticism, as the line between reality and fiction can often blur when it comes to supernatural beings.

The birth of a ghoul is said to occur upon the death of an individual who had a taste for human flesh. These creatures, known for their insatiable hunger and ability to paralyze their victims, are shrouded in mystery and myth. While the specifics of their creation remain uncertain, the tales and legends surrounding ghouls continue to captivate and terrify those who dare to delve into the realm of the supernatural.