Does Zeke die in season 4 Manifest?

Answered by Willie Powers

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In the third season of “Manifest,” Zeke Landon, portrayed by Matt Long, meets his demise. After surviving a death date similar to the passengers of Flight 828, Zeke’s storyline takes a tragic turn. He ultimately sacrifices himself to save his wife, Michaela Stone (played by Melissa Roxburgh), and her friends.

During the season, Zeke is diagnosed with terminal cancer and only has a short time left to live. However, in a mysterious turn of events, he experiences time jumps and starts living beyond his expected death date. This ability to jump forward in time grants him a reprieve, allowing him to spend some extra time with Michaela and their loved ones.

Despite their limited time together, Zeke and Michaela’s love story remains a significant aspect of the show. Their connection transcends the boundaries of life and death, and they find ways to communicate even after Zeke’s passing. In previous seasons, “Manifest” has shown characters finding ways to communicate with deceased loved ones through callings and visions, so it’s possible that Zeke may continue to play a role in Michaela’s journey in some form.

However, it’s important to note that the show’s creators have the freedom to take the storyline in different directions. The fate of characters can change, and new developments may arise in future seasons. So while Zeke’s death is a significant event in the narrative, the possibility of his continued presence or influence in Michaela’s life cannot be entirely ruled out.

As of Season 3, Zeke’s character is deceased, but given the supernatural nature of “Manifest,” it remains uncertain if his presence will continue to impact the story and the relationship with Michaela in future seasons.