Does Tifa have a child?

Answered by James Kissner

Tifa Lockhart, a prominent member of AVALANCHE, does have a child in the Final Fantasy VII series. In the game, Tifa lives in the city of Edge with Cloud Strife, another member of AVALANCHE, and they are raising two children together.

The first child is Marlene Wallace, a young girl who Tifa has taken under her wing. Marlene’s biological parents are Barret Wallace, the leader of AVALANCHE, and his late wife Myrna. However, due to certain circumstances, Tifa has become Marlene’s guardian and is responsible for her upbringing.

The second child is Denzel, who is not Tifa’s biological child. Denzel was a survivor of the Sector 7 plate collapse, a tragic event caused by Shinra Electric Power Company. After losing his family in the disaster, Denzel was taken in by Cloud and Tifa and became a member of their household.

It is important to note that Denzel suffers from Geostigma, a disease that affects individuals who have been exposed to the Lifestream, the life force of the planet. Geostigma causes physical and mental pain, and Denzel’s condition serves as a significant plot point in the Final Fantasy VII Compilation.

Tifa’s role as a mother figure to both Marlene and Denzel adds depth to her character and showcases her nurturing and caring nature. It also highlights the importance of family and the bonds formed within AVALANCHE, even in the face of adversity.