Does Tetleys beer still exist?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

Tetley’s beer still exists, although it has undergone some changes over the years. As mentioned earlier, in 1998 Tetley’s was fully taken over by Carlsberg, a Danish brewing company. This acquisition allowed Carlsberg to expand its presence in the UK market and further strengthen its portfolio of beer brands.

After the takeover, Tetley’s continued to be produced and sold under the Carlsberg-Tetley name for several years. However, in 2004, the decision was made to drop the Tetley name from the company and it was rebranded as Carlsberg UK Limited, becoming a fully integrated part of the Carlsberg AS group.

Despite the change in name and ownership, the Tetley’s beer brand has remained in production. It is still available in the UK, although its presence may vary in other countries. Tetley’s is known for its traditional English ales, with their distinctive flavor profiles and rich brewing heritage.

One of the most well-known and popular beers under the Tetley’s brand is Tetley’s Bitter. This classic English ale has a smooth and malty taste, with a balanced hop bitterness. It is often enjoyed in pubs across the UK and is considered a staple of British beer culture.

In addition to Tetley’s Bitter, the brand also offers other beer varieties such as Tetley’s Smoothflow, a smoother and creamier version of their classic bitter, and Tetley’s Gold, a golden ale with a slightly sweeter taste.

While Tetley’s beer continues to be produced, it is worth noting that the beer market is dynamic and constantly evolving. Consumer preferences and trends may impact the availability and popularity of specific beer brands. Therefore, it is advisable to check with local retailers or pubs to ensure the availability of Tetley’s beer in a specific area.

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