Does say less mean shut up?

Answered by Cody Janus

Say less does not mean “shut up.” Instead, it is a slang phrase that conveys understanding or agreement. By saying “say less,” you are essentially telling the other person that you comprehend what they are saying and no further explanation is needed. It’s a way of acknowledging their point without requiring them to provide any additional information.

To clarify, “shut up” is a more direct and potentially rude way of telling someone to be quiet or stop talking. It lacks the nuance and agreement that “say less” carries. “Say less” is a more casual and friendly way of indicating that you understand and are on the same page as the person you are conversing with.

While “shut up” is a blunt and impolite way of asking someone to be quiet, “say less” is a slang phrase that indicates understanding or agreement. It is important to use these expressions appropriately and consider the context in which they are used.