Does Reid die in Criminal Minds?

Answered by Robert Flynn

Reid does not die in Criminal Minds. In fact, the show takes an unexpected turn in its series finale and gives Reid a happy ending. It was a relief for fans who were emotionally invested in his character.

Throughout the series, Reid has had his fair share of struggles and close calls with death. He has faced numerous dangerous situations and come face to face with some of the most depraved criminals. It seemed like his fate was always hanging by a thread.

In the final season, Reid finds himself in a particularly dire situation. He becomes involved with a woman named Maeve, who is being targeted by a psychotic killer. As their relationship develops, Reid becomes deeply attached to her, but tragically, she is eventually killed by the unsub.

This devastating loss sends Reid into a spiral of grief and guilt. He contemplates taking his own life, unable to bear the pain of losing someone he loved. It is a heartbreaking moment, and fans were left wondering if Reid would actually go through with it.

However, in a surprising twist, Criminal Minds takes a different route. Instead of allowing Reid to succumb to his despair, the show brings back Maeve in a dream-like sequence. Maeve becomes a guiding force for Reid, helping him sort through his emotions and ultimately convincing him to choose life.

It is a poignant and uplifting moment in the series finale. Reid realizes that life is worth living, even in the face of tragedy and loss. He decides to stay among the living and find happiness in his relationships with his friends and colleagues.

In addition to Reid’s happy ending, another beloved character, Garcia, also gets a positive resolution. Throughout the series, Garcia has been a quirky and lovable member of the team, known for her computer skills and vibrant personality.

In the final episode, Garcia finally finds love and fulfillment in her personal life. She meets a man who appreciates her for who she is and supports her in her work at the BAU. It is a satisfying conclusion for fans who have been rooting for Garcia’s happiness throughout the series.

The series finale of Criminal Minds provides closure for two beloved characters, Reid and Garcia. It gives them both the chance to find happiness and fulfillment in their lives, despite the dark and challenging world they work in. It is a fitting end to the show and leaves fans feeling satisfied and hopeful for the future of these characters.