Does Peloton and Apple Watch double count?

Answered by Cody Janus

Peloton and Apple Watch do not double count when it comes to tracking workouts and heart rate. While both devices have their own tracking capabilities, they work together seamlessly to provide accurate and comprehensive data.

When you use the Peloton app on your Apple Watch, it primarily acts as a heart rate monitor. It tracks your heart rate during workouts and displays it on the screen, allowing you to monitor your exertion levels and stay within your desired heart rate zone. This feature is particularly useful for those who want to track their Strive Score, which is a metric that indicates the amount of time spent in specific heart rate zones during a workout.

The Apple Watch also has its own tracking capabilities, including a built-in heart rate monitor. It can track your heart rate throughout the day, even when you’re not using the Peloton app. This data is then synchronized with the Apple Health app, which allows you to view your heart rate trends over time and get a better understanding of your overall fitness.

So, while both Peloton and Apple Watch track heart rate, they do not double count. The Peloton app on the Apple Watch simply acts as a tool to display your heart rate during workouts, while the Apple Watch itself tracks your heart rate throughout the day and provides a more comprehensive picture of your overall fitness.

In terms of logging workouts, the Peloton app on the Apple Watch makes it easier to record your Peloton workouts in the Apple Activity app. After completing a workout, you can simply tap on the “Add to Activity” button on the Peloton app, and it will automatically sync the workout data with the Apple Activity app. This eliminates the need to manually enter workout details and ensures that your exercise data is accurately recorded in the Apple Health ecosystem.

The integration between Peloton and Apple Watch is seamless and enhances the user experience. The Apple Watch’s heart rate monitoring capabilities, combined with the Peloton app’s Strive Score feature and easy workout logging, make it a powerful tool for tracking and improving your fitness.