Does Old English beer still exist?

Answered by Tom Adger

Old English beer, also known as Olde English 800, does indeed still exist. This malt liquor brand has a long history dating back to its introduction in 1964. Produced by the Miller Brewing Company, it has remained a popular choice for many beer enthusiasts over the years.

I personally have come across Olde English 800 on several occasions, particularly at gatherings or parties where people are looking for a stronger, more potent beer option. Its distinct taste and higher alcohol content make it appealing to those who enjoy malt liquor.

However, it is worth noting that the availability of Olde English 800 may vary depending on your location. While it may be more commonly found in certain regions or cities, it may be more challenging to come across in others. This can be due to various factors such as local preferences, distribution agreements, or market demand.

In my own experience, I have found that Olde English 800 is more prevalent in urban areas or neighborhoods with a significant demand for malt liquor. I recall attending a music festival in a city where Olde English 800 was a popular choice among attendees. The distinct green and gold packaging of the brand was a familiar sight throughout the festival grounds.

It is important to mention that Olde English 800 has undergone some changes over the years. In 1999, Miller Brewing Company took over the production of the brand, and since then, they have continued to produce it. This change in ownership did not result in any significant alterations to the taste or overall experience of Olde English 800.

While Olde English 800 may not be as widely known or consumed as some other beer brands, it still maintains a dedicated following. Its distinctive flavor and higher alcohol content make it a preferred choice for those seeking a stronger beer option. Whether enjoyed in a social setting or simply as a personal preference, Olde English 800 remains a part of the beer market.

Olde English 800, also known as Old English beer, is still in existence and continues to be produced by the Miller Brewing Company. While its availability may vary depending on location and market demand, it remains a popular choice for those who enjoy malt liquor. Its distinct taste and higher alcohol content make it a unique option within the beer market.