The Death of Chairman Netero Analyzed

Welcome to this blog post where we will discuss the topic of wheher Netero died or not. For those who are unfamiliar with the name, Netero is a character from the popular manga and anime series, Hunter x Hunter.

To answer the question straight away, yes, Netero dies in the series. However, his death is not a simple one and requires some context to fully understand.

During the Chimera Ant arc of the series, Netero, who is the chairman of the Hunter Association, leads a team to infiltrate the territory of the Chimera Ants, a species of powerful and intelligent beings that are threatening humanity’s existence.

Netero faces the king of the Chimera Ants, Meruem, in a battle that is considered one of the most epic in the series. Although Netero puts up a strong fight, he ultimately realizes that he cannot defeat Meruem with his physical strength alone.

In a desperate move, Netero pierces his own heart with one of his fingers, triggering a miniature nuclear bomb called the Miniature Rose. The bomb explodes, severely damaging Meruem and poisoning him at the same time.

However, Netero does not survive the explosion and dies instantly. His sacrifice is not in vain, as the Miniature Rose ultimately leads to the downfall of the Chimera Ants and saves humanity from their threat.

It is important to note that Netero’s death was not an easy decision for him. He believed that sacrificing himself was the only way to defeat Meruem and save humanity. His death was a selfless act of heroism that highlights his dedication and love for humanity.

Netero does die in Hunter x Hunter, but his death serves a greater purpose in the story and highlights his selflessness and heroism. It is a testament to the impact that his character had on the series and the fans who love him.

The Possibility of Netero’s Return to Life

Netero does not come back to life. Netero is a character in the anime and manga series Hunter x Hunter who dies during his fight with the Chimera Ant King, Meruem. Although he is a skilled fighter and has survived two expeditions to the dangerous Dark Continent, his death is final and permanent in the series. While there are characters in the series with abilities to revive the dead, Netero’s death is not reversed, and he remains deceased for the remainder of the story.

does netero die

The Death of Meruem: Who is Responsible After Netero?

After Netero, Meruem is killed by the poison from the Miniature Rose [nuclear] bomb that was set off by Netero himself. The bomb severely damages Meruem’s body and poisons him, leaving him with very little time left to live. Despite his immense power and intelligence, Meruem is ultimately unable to overcome the effects of the bomb and succumbs to his injuries. His death marks the end of the Chimera Ant arc in the popular anime and manga series, Hunter x Hunter.

Is Chairman Netero Alive?

Chairman Netero is not alive in the current timeline of the Hunter x Hunter series. He died during the Chimera Ant arc when he used a powerful attack called the “Zero Hand” to defeat the Chimera Ant King, Meruem. The explosion caused by the attack killed both Netero and Meruem. There has been no indication or suggestion in the series that Netero is still alive or that he may be resurrected in the future.

The Fate of Netero and Meruem

Both Netero and Meruem died in the Chimera Ant arc of Hunter x Hunter. Netero sacrificed himself in a battle against Meruem, who was the king of the Chimera Ants. Despite Netero’s immense strength, Meruem proved to be a formidable opponent, and their battle resulted in Netero’s death.

However, Meruem himself did not live long after his victory over Netero. He was poisoned by a bomb that was hidden within Netero’s body, and despite attempts to save him, he ultimately died. This led to a period of mourning amng the surviving Chimera Ants, as they struggled to come to terms with the loss of their king and the impact it would have on their society. the deaths of Netero and Meruem were significant moments in the story of Hunter x Hunter, and helped to shape the direction of the series going forward.

Who Is The Strongest Character in Hunter x Hunter?

In the Hunter x Hunter universe, there are several powerful characters, but Meruem is widely considered to be the strongest. As the king of the Chimera Ants, Meruem possesses immense physical strength, speed, and agility, as well as powerful Nen abilities. He was born with a level of power that exceeded any other character in the series, and his strength only grew as he consumed more humans and Nen users.

Meruem’s Nen abilities allw him to manipulate his own body, granting him immense regeneration and the ability to learn and master any skill he observes. He also has the ability to manipulate aura, allowing him to sense and control the emotions and thoughts of others.

Furthermore, Meruem is an incredibly intelligent and strategic fighter, capable of analyzing his opponents’ weaknesses and adapting his tactics accordingly. He was able to defeat powerful Nen users such as Netero and Youpi with relative ease, and even survived a nuclear explosion with minimal damage.

Meruem’s combination of raw power, Nen abilities, intelligence, and strategic thinking make him the most powerful character in Hunter x Hunter.

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The Debate Over Who Is the Strongest Nen User

The strongest Nen user in the Hunter X Hunter universe is King Meruem. He is the result of the Chimera Ant Queen’s phagogenesis ability, which allows her to reproduce by consuming other organisms, including powerful Nen users. As a result, Meruem was born with an incredibly potent and versatile Nen ability. He is classified as a specialist, a rare Nen type that allows the user to excel in a specific area of Nen, often to an unparalleled degree. Meruem’s Nen abilities and strength are unmatched, making him the most powerful Nen user in the Hunter X Hunter universe.

The Fate of Meruem

Meruem is not eaten by anyone. In fact, Meruem is the one doing the eating. In the Royal Palace of the Republic of East Gorteau, Meruem goes on a rampage, murdering and devouring the guards. He is particularly delighted to find a guard with the capacity for Nen, which he consumes eagerly. However, Meruem meets his demise not by being eaten, but through a poison that was placed in the body of the Nen user he consumed. This poison was designed by Netero, the leader of the Hunter Association, in an attempt to defeat Meruem and the Chimera Ants. Ultimately, the poison causs Meruem’s body to deteriorate, and he dies with his loyal friend Komugi by his side.

The Death of Neferpitou

Neferpitou is killed by Gon, a young and incredibly powerful hunter who seeks revenge against the Chimera Ants for the harm they caused to his friends and loved ones. In a heated battle, Gon proves to be too strong for Neferpitou, who realizes too late that Gon has become powerful enough to defeat even the most skilled and experienced warriors. Despite Neferpitou’s desperate attempts to kill Gon, the young hunter emerges victorious and brutally beats Neferpitou to death with his bare hands.

The Rebirth of Gyro

Gyro, a character from the anime series Hunter x Hunter, was killed and subsequently eaten by the Chimera Ants during their attack on the NGL. However, he was later reborn as a Chimera Ant himself. It is important to note that this transformation was not voluntary and was a result of the Chimera Ants’ ability to consume and absorb the traits of those they eat. As a result of his rebirth, Gyro took on new physical characteristics and likely had a significant shift in his personality and behavior as well.

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The Successor to Netero as Chairman

Isaac Netero, the former Chairman of the Hunter Association, was succeeded by Cheadle as the new Chairman. This event took place after Netero’s death during the Chimera Ant arc. Cheadle is a skilled Nen user and a member of the Zodiacs, which is a group of elite Hunters handpicked by Netero himself to assist him in running the Hunter Association. As the new Chairman, Cheadle is responsible for overseeing the organization and ensuring that it operates smoothly. She is a capable leader and fighter, hving earned her place as one of the Zodiacs through her skills and dedication to the Hunter cause.

The Son of Netero

Isaac Netero’s son is named Beyond Netero. Although initially, there were doubts about his biological relationship with Netero, the similarities between the two suggest that they are indeed related by blood. Beyond’s primary objective is to explore the Dark Continent, which his father had previously attempted, and return with success.

Comparing the Strength of Pitou and Netero

In the anime/manga “Hunter x Hunter,” it is widely debated who is stronger between Pitou and Netero. However, based on the events that unfolded in the Chimera Ant arc, it can be argued that Netero is the stronger of the two. Netero, the Chairman of the Hunter Association, was able to hold his own against the Chimera Ant King, Meruem, who is widely considered to be one of the strongest characters in the series. Netero’s Bodhisattva techniques, especally the 0th Hand, were able to deal a significant amount of damage to Meruem, ultimately leading to his defeat. On the other hand, while Pitou is undoubtedly a powerful character, we have not seen her go up against anyone on Netero’s level. Therefore, it can be concluded that Netero is stronger than Pitou.

The Mysterious Death of Komugi

Komugi was killed by poison. Specifically, she was exposed to a contagious poison that was administered by Netero, the chairman of the Hunter Association, as he was dying. Meruem, the King of the Chimera Ants, was also poisoned by Netero and as a result, he was dying as well. Meruem wanted to spend his last moments with Komugi, who was his close friend and rival in the game of Gungi. However, by being close to Meruem, Komugi was also exposed to the poison, which ultimately led to her death. Thus, it was not a deliberate act of murder, but rather a tragic consequence of the circumstances surrounding Meruem and Komugi’s relationship with each other and thir exposure to the poison administered by Netero.

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The Marriage of Meruem

He did not have a formal marriage ceremony or any known romantic relationships. However, Meruem did have a love interest in Komugi, the World Gungi Champion, and their relationship was a significant aspect of the Chimera Ant arc in the Hunter x Hunter series. Despite their differences in species and power, Meruem and Komugi developed a deep emotional connection through their shared love of the game Gungi and ultimately died together in a poignant scene.

The Fatalities of the Phantom Troupe

Throughout the series, seeral Phantom Troupe members die. These include:

1. Uvogin – No. 11: He was killed by Kurapika during the Yorknew City arc.

2. Shalnark – No. 6: He was killed by Hisoka during the Succession War arc.

3. Kortopi – No. 12: He was also killed by Hisoka during the Succession War arc.

4. Pakunoda – No. 9: She sacrificed herself to save the rest of the Phantom Troupe during the Yorknew City arc.

5. Unknown Member – No. 8: This member’s death is not shown on-screen, but it is implied that they were killed by Hisoka during the Succession War arc.

It’s worth noting that Hisoka, a former member of the Phantom Troupe, also dies at the hands of Chrollo in the manga. However, this event is not yet animated in the anime. Additionally, Omokage, a non-canon member of the Phantom Troupe, is also shown to have died in the Phantom Rouge movie.


In the anime series Hunter X Hunter, Chairman Netero is a highly skilled and powerful fighter who has survived two expeditions to the Dark Continent, wich has a survival rate of only 0.04%. However, in a battle against Meruem, the king of the Chimera Ants, Netero is eventually defeated and poisoned with a miniature rose nuclear bomb. He chooses to sacrifice himself by detonating the bomb, severely damaging Meruem and ultimately leading to his death. Therefore, it can be concluded that Netero does indeed die in the series, but his sacrifice plays a crucial role in defeating the powerful and dangerous Chimera Ants.

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