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Mike Ross, a beloved character from the hit television series “Suits,” has been embroiled in legal troubles for several seasons. In Season 5, Mike was arrested for fraud and faced the possibility of serving time in prison. Fans were left wondering if Mike would actually go to jail, and in Season 6, they got their answer.

In Season 6, Mike enters the Federal Correctional Institution, Danbury to face his two-year jail sentence for fraud. This was a significant moment in the show, as it marked a major turning point for Mike’s character. The once confident and successful lawyer was now a convicted felon, facing the harsh realities of life behind bars.

The show did an excellent job of portraying the difficulties Mike faced whle in prison. He struggled to adapt to life in a new and unfamiliar environment, dealing with dangerous inmates, corrupt guards, and the constant threat of violence. The show also highlighted the emotional toll that prison took on Mike, as he was forced to confront the consequences of his actions and the impact they had on those he loved.

Fans of the show were understandably concerned about Mike’s fate, as he was a central character and a fan favorite. However, the show’s creators did an excellent job of weaving his story into the larger narrative, showing how his experiences in prison affected those around him.

In the end, Mike did serve his full two-year sentence and was released from prison. This was a bittersweet moment for fans, as they were happy to see him reunited with his loved ones but also sad to say goodbye to a character they had grown to love.

The portrayal of Mike’s prison sentence in “Suits” was both realistic and compelling. The show did an excellent job of showing the impact that legal troubles can have on a person’s life, and how the consequences of our actions can ripple out and affect those around us. Fans will always remember Mike’s time in prison as a pivotal moment in the show’s history, and a testament to the power of great storytelling.

Does Mike Ross Face Incarceration in Suits?

Mike does go to jail in Suits. In the fifth season of the show, Mike is sentenced to two years in a federal prison for committing fraud. He ultimately turns himself in and is shown being processed into the prison in the episode “Prisoner’s Dilemma.” The show then depicts the challenges that Mike faces in prison, including adapting to the harsh environment and dealing with dangerous inmates. The storyline of Mike’s imprisonment is a significant plot point in the later seasons of Suits, and it has a significant impact on the other characters’ lives and relationships.

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Does Mike Face a Two-Year Jail Sentence?

Mike Sorrentino did not go to jail for two years. In October 2018, he was sentenced to eight months in prison and two years of supervised release. He served his time in prison from January to September 2019 and was released early for good behavior. However, he still had to complete his two-year supervised release, which ended in September 2021. So, while he did spend time in prison, it was not for the full two-year sentence that was originally handed down.

Length of Mike Ross’ Imprisonment

Mike Ross is in jail for two years. In Season 6 of the television series “Suits”, Mike is sentenced to two years in the Federal Correctional Institution, Danbury for committing fraud. Throughout the season, viewers follow Mike’s journey as he navigates life in prison and tries to make the most of his time there. The two-year sentence serves as a major plot point in the show and has lasting consequences for Mike’s character and relationships.

Mike Ross’s Imprisonment for Criminal Activity

Mike Ross goes to jail for fraud. He was working as a lawyer despite not having a law degree, which is illegal. He was caught when a senior partner at the law firm he was working for discovered his secret and reported him to the authorities. Mike had been faking his credentials and pretending to be a Harvard Law School graduate. This led to him being arrested and charged with multiple counts of fraud. In order to avoid a lengthy prison sentence, he was offered a deal to give up his mentor and friend, Harvey Specter.

Does Mike Betray Harvey?

Mike does betray Harvey by revealing to Rachel that he doesn’t have a law degree and has been practicing law illegally. This betrayal occurs in the first season of the show when Rachel confronts Mike about his secret. Despite Harvey’s warnings to keep his secret safe, Mike tells Rachel the truth, which ultimately puts both his and Harvey’s careers in jeopardy. While Harvey is initially angry and hurt by Mike’s betrayal, they eventually reconcile and continue to work together throughout the rest of the series.

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The Betrayal of Mike by Harvey

Mike betrayed Harvey in the episode “War” which is the sixteenth and final episode of the second season of Suits, and it first aired on February 21, 2013. In this episode, Mike chose to testify against his mentor and friend Harvey in the fraud case that they were both involved in. This decision ultimately led to a rift between the two characters and set up the storyline for future seasons.

Mike’s Return to Law After Jail

After serving his jail sentence, Mike Ross goes back to practicing law. However, he is no longer working at Pearson Specter Litt as he was disbarred for committing fraud. Instead, he becomes a legal consultant at the Legal Clinic in Queens. In the season six finale, he is finally accepted into the New York State Bar and becomes a legitimate lawyer once again. Despite the challenges he faced, Mike’s passion for law never wavered, and he continued to use his legal knowledge to help those in need.

Does Mike Achieve His Goal of Obtaining a Law Degree?

In the season finale of Suits, Mike officially becomes a lawyer by getting into the bar. This was made possible by the help of Jessica, who came back just in time to take the blame for employing a fraud and to outsmart Anita Gibbs. Therefore, after years of pretending to be a lawyer, Mike finally gets a law degree and is able to practice law legitimately.

Will Mike and Rachel Get Married Before He Goes to Jail?

Mike and Rachel were supposed to get married in Season 5 of Suits, but the wedding was called off because Mike confessed to committing fraud by pretending to be a lawyer without having attended law school. As a result, he was about to serve a two-year prison sentence. Therefore, Mike and Rachel did not get married before he went to jail. However, in the final season of the show, it is revealed that Mike and Rachel got married off-screen and are happily living together in Seattle.

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Who Was Responsible for Mike’s Arrest in ‘Suits’?

In the television series Suits, it was revealed that Sheila Sazs was the one who reported Mike to the authorities. This was discovered by Louis Litt when he recognized the wording and language in an anonymous email sent from a general Harvard Faculty address as hers. Louis paid a visit to Sheila at her home and asked her to retract her email. It is worth noting that Sheila is a frmer love interest of Louis and had a history with Mike as well as she helped him prepare for the bar exam. Her decision to report Mike was driven by her desire to protect her own reputation and career in the legal field.

The Fate of Mike and Rachel’s Relationship

Mike and Rachel break up in the TV series “Suits”. The reason for their break up is because Rachel comes clean about kissing Logan Sanders, which prompts Mike to attack Logan. During their confrontation, Logan reveals that Rachel let the kiss persist for a while and enjoyed it, a claim that Rachel does not dispute. As a result, Mike ends their relationship.

Does Mike Ross Become a Lawyer?

Mike Ross finally becomes a lawyer in the TV show Suits. After years of working as a fraud, Mike decides to turn his life around and become a legitimate lawyer. He decides to take the bar exam and pass it, despite facing numerous obstacles along the way. In the end, he is sworn in as a lawyer, and his friends and colleagues celebrate his achievement. This is a significant turning point in the show, as it marks the end of Mike’s journey as a fraudulent legal consultant and the beginning of his career as a legitimate attorney.

Getting Kevin Out of Jail: Mike’s Plan

Mike was able to get Kevin out of jail by working with Harvey’s old mentor, Cameron Dennis. The plan involved keeping Frank Gallo, who was Kevin’s cellmate and a dangerous criminal, in prison at his parole hearing. Mike and Cameron convinced Frank’s daughter to testify against him at the hearing, providing enough evidence to keep him behind bars. In exchange for their help, Kevin was released from prison and allowed to return to his life as a businessman. The plan was risky, but it ultimately succeeded, thanks to Mike’s legal expertise and Harvey’s connections.

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Mike Ross’s Journey to Becoming a Partner

Mike Ross became a partner in the law firm. He was promoted from Junior Associate to Junior Partner, making him the youngest person to become a partner in the firm’s history. Jessica Pearson handed him his first case as a junior partner, which happened to be against his former girlfriend, Claire Bowden. This promotion was a significant achievement for Mike, as it reflected the recognition of his exceptional skills and hard work within the firm.


Mike’s journey in the legal world was not an easy one. His decision to practice law without a degree caught up with him, leading to his arrest and eventual sentencing for fraud. However, Mike’s time in prison allowed him to reflect on his choices and take responsibility for his actions. His experience also brought his friends and colleagues closer together, showing the strength of their bonds. While Mike’s story may have ended with his release from prison, it serves as a reminder of the importance of ethics and honesty in the legal profession.

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