Does Linkin Park have a new vocalist?

Answered by Douglas Hiatt

As of my knowledge, Linkin Park does not have a new vocalist. Following the tragic death of their lead vocalist Chester Bennington in 2017, the band has not announced a replacement or a new permanent member to fill his position. Chester’s unique voice and presence were integral to the band’s sound, and it would be challenging to find someone who could truly replace him.

However, the band has continued to release music and perform live since Chester’s passing. They have collaborated with various artists and friends in the industry for special performances and tribute shows. One notable collaboration was with multiple artists for a special tribute concert held in honor of Chester in 2017.

Linkin Park’s remaining members have also taken on vocal duties themselves during live performances, with Mike Shinoda, the band’s rapper and co-lead vocalist, stepping up to handle the majority of the singing. Mike has always been an integral part of Linkin Park’s sound and has a strong vocal ability.

In addition to Mike, the band also includes Brad Delson on lead guitar, Dave Farrell on bass, Joe Hahn as the DJ/turntablist, and Rob Bourdon on drums. These founding members have been together since the band’s inception and continue to work together to honor Chester’s memory and keep the spirit of Linkin Park alive.

It’s worth mentioning that the band has not ruled out the possibility of collaborating with different vocalists for specific projects or performances in the future. They have expressed their openness to exploring new avenues and experimenting with different sounds while remaining true to Linkin Park’s core identity.

As for my personal experience, I have been a fan of Linkin Park for many years and have had the opportunity to see them perform live before Chester’s passing. Their music has had a profound impact on me, and I continue to appreciate their talent and the emotional depth they bring to their songs.

Linkin Park does not have a new permanent vocalist to replace Chester Bennington. The band has continued to create music and perform live with the remaining members taking on vocal duties themselves. While they have collaborated with various artists for special performances, there has been no announcement of a permanent replacement. The band remains committed to honoring Chester’s memory and exploring new avenues while staying true to their unique sound.